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Car Safety Tips All Drivers Should Follow

No one wants to be in a car accident. They ruin your day, and the injuries can last for weeks if not months, depending on the severity. Even if the cause of the accident is another driver, you can learn how to avoid them better. Here is a list of safety tips that you must follow and practice every single time you get into the car.


First, you must keep your eyes on the road at all times. Next, there are tips you should follow that you were even taught back in driving school. These include putting on your seat belt, checking your breaks, battery check-ups and even driving the speed limit. Throughout all of this, you must maintain a calm demeanor, respect the traffic rules and always be prepared in the event an accident should happen. Remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


Eyes on the road

Firstly, you should never text and drive. To take care of both you and those in your car, you must be hyper-alert at all times. There is even a car available to purchase now that senses when you are not vigilant and slows down as a result of it. This first step should be simple enough and is one of the best tips you can follow.



In driving school, you are taught to put your seatbelt on as soon as you enter the vehicle. It should have been part of your first lesson, and for a good reason too! Should an accident ever happen, you need to reduce your chances of being flung around the car and coming out with even bigger injuries. Stay secure and in one spot. The same applies to everyone else in the car, and not just the driver.


Checking the breaks

When was the last time you checked your car breaks? Imagine that you are driving down a long highway, turn to get off, and realize that you cannot do it. The consequences will be dire and drastic. Every single time you bring your car into the shop, you should do a quick check to make sure they are still working properly. Otherwise, even if you do not hit another driver, you can still hit a pole, thereby injuring yourself and everyone that is with you.


New oil

When you don’t change your vehicle’s oil, the engine starts to become hot. Your car will start to corrode, and you will begin to have more engine troubles the longer you go without replacing it. The good news is that your car will even alert you when you need new oil, as a light will appear on your dashboard.


Battery check-up

As careful as you might be, car batteries can still run out on a day you least expected it. So what do you do? Your vehicle won’t start, and you need to restore a dead car battery wherever you might be parked. Getting a jump-start from someone else’s automobile with jumper cables is the easiest way to get it moving. However, if there is no one around, you can try mixing Epsom salt with water and adding a little bit to the battery or even mixing aspirin with water for a short-term boost.


Driving the speed limit

Have you been keeping a close eye on the speed limit? It’s there for a reason, and if you are going too fast, your chances of being able to stop quickly should something jump in front of your car will be low. You may even come close to hitting another driver, and you cannot do anything about it because you have been driving too fast. Always keep a good distance between you and those around you on the road.


Remaining calm

Remaining calm will not only help reduce stress but make your drive more enjoyable and safe overall. Listen to some music while driving and take deep breaths when you feel road rage starting to creep up on you. Most importantly, when you are in a rush, give yourself time to get there. All of these will make your driving safer as you will not be tempted to cut people off or speed. Moreover, you can easily annoy those with you in the car when all you do is complain and get angry.


Respect traffic rules

Whether there are construction signs, red lights, stop signs, or something else, you need to respect the traffic rules. Different locations will have different rules, so it is important to be mindful of this at all times.


Being prepared for accidents

No matter how many precautions you take, accidents can still happen. It may not be a result of your negligence, rather because someone else was not paying attention. Know what to do if you encounter a car crash. For one, stay at the scene and always keep an emergency first aid kit in the vehicle. If you are lucky to only walk away with small cuts and bruises, you will be glad you kept band-aids and disinfectant sprays near you.


Moreover, automobiles are often equipped with airbags, but when they inflate at a rapid speed due to a major collision, it will still feel as if you are hitting a massive rock, which is why you must be careful to not place items between you and the airbag. Moreover, keep all loose objects in the car stored away in the trunk, as having your laptop and phone hit you when you are in an accident will not be a pleasant experience.


Car safety rules apply to everyone that is operating a motor vehicle, regardless of the city or country. However, there are some rules that people may not consider quite as important, although they are. This includes keeping calm and even driving at the correct speed limit. As tempting as it may be to speed down an empty street at night, you never know what could jump in front of your car. Not to mention, you will most likely get a speeding ticket if there are police officers anywhere nearby.


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