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Smart Ways to Talk Hands-Free While Driving

Although most new cars today have Bluetooth capabilities, there are still many cars on the road that don’t. Many countries now have strict laws regarding the use of mobile phones while driving, and some even prohibit their use while stationary. To avoid getting into trouble, there are ways that you can chat hands-free and send messages without breaking the law.

Clip-On Devices

One of the most popular ways to convert your car to hands-free is by using a clip-on Bluetooth speaker. These devices clip onto the sun visor of your car and connect to your phone via Bluetooth. Typically, they will have an answer and hang-up buttons, but these are not always needed depending on the make of device you use. Some devices will listen to your commands if a call comes in. For example, when your phone rings, the device will wait for you to say ‘answer’ or ‘hang-up.’ These types of device are usually the best because you can leave them in the car and you don’t need to remember to turn them on before you drive.

Live Broadcasting

Some devices are designed to transmit their audio over the FM signal on your car radio. They typically plug into the power outlet in your car and are tuned into a frequency that you find on your radio. Although they are good at giving you good sound quality, there are a couple of drawbacks to this system. Firstly, it requires you to either keep your radio tuned into the frequency of the device, or change the radio when a call comes in. Secondly, many of these devices don’t have a microphone which could make it difficult for the person on the other end of the phone to hear you.

Car Radios

If your car has a radio that can be replaced, then there is another option open to you. Many of the newer car radios have Bluetooth as standard. It makes it much easier to play your favorite songs from your phone, but it has added benefits as well. Some of the radios have a built-in hands-free system that allows you to use your phone. It connects to your mobile, and when a call comes in, it will switch to your hands-free mode. When you consider that many accidents are caused by people using their phones at the wheel, this can be a vital feature. These are also devices that will be looked for when a car accident attorney is used to determine the cause of a crash.

Smart Phone Assistants

Most modern smartphones are now equipped with a mobile assistant that can help you access features using your voice. You can also use this feature to dial contacts and answer calls hands-free. In some cases, these assistants can also read your text messages and write a reply.

Ideally, it is best that you don’t take calls even hands-free while driving. However, there are now many devices that will allow you to use your phone hands-free to help you comply with the law.

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