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SEATTLE, WA (OCTOBER 1, 2018) – 8 Circuit Studios, formed by industry veterans with over a century of combined experience at leading companies such as Nintendo, Microsoft, and Capcom, has today launched the public sale of their 8 Bit Token (8BT) on the Ethereum blockchain. The Token sale signifies a major step in building the metaverse, a digital online universe of universes, where buyers of the 8BT will be among the first to participate in this massive gaming ecosystem. 8 Circuit Studios is one of the first game companies to actively begin construction of a living metaverse that allows partnered developers and publishers to create shared experiences and assets for gamers to use in other own metaverse-powered games. By using the Ethereum blockchain, 8 Circuit Studios is able to create, attribute and safeguard digital assets, including 8BT and in-game property such as starships, weapons, gear, and more — that you can own and store, in a secured virtual wallet.


8 Circuit Studios is currently developing Project Genesis, the first metaverse-enabled game built completely from the ground up to take advantage of the blockchain and its capabilities to manage and store player-owned digital assets. Project Genesis, set for release on PC and consoles in 2019, will offer players a triple-A level sci-fi starship combat and FPS experience, where players will battle one another for control of the space lanes.


By visiting, you can learn about and purchase 8 Bit Tokens, and become an early adopter in the metaverse economy.


“Today, with our token sale, we are continuing to build upon our previous successes in blockchain development to demonstrate the incredible promise of the metaverse,” said James Mayo, President of 8 Circuit Studios. “8 Bit Tokens will be a key to opening the nascent metaverse. You’ll be able to use them to create your own avatars, acquire and lay claim to property, and obtain items that are imbued with special properties. We’re very excited to take this huge step forward in the creation of a truly shared game experience.”


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A full press kit with screenshots, trailer, art, and logos is available here:


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About 8 Circuit Studios


8 Circuit Studios is a game development company started by the collaboration between veteran game developers and blockchain enthusiasts. Taking advantage of the unexploited opportunity to harness the power of blockchains, 8 Circuit Studios is creating an ecosystem that unlocks new possibilities and symbiotic relationships between gamers, developers and publishers. 8 Circuit Studios’ key innovation is Smart Game Objects, which allow unprecedented new ways for gamers to interact with their games. Alien Arsenal: Battle for the Blockchain, available on Google Play and the App Store, is the first title to take advantage of this technology, while Project Genesis is currently in development for PC.

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