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Behind The Wheel: 2018 Ford Escape Ti Sport


When it comes to compact SUV’s a bunch of different companies have brought them to market. But Ford has held the Escape on the market for some time now. The one that we reviewed is the Escape Ti Sport which has the 2.0L turbo motor which puts out 245HP and 275 LB-Ft that equals some fun in this little SUV.

The Escape had always been bittersweet to me. I am a Ford fan, but I never felt right in an Escape. Sure, as a driver it was fine or a passenger, but once you put someone in the back it all went downhill. If you are someone who doesn’t have kids or carpool, you’d be fine. As someone who is over 5’11” and so is my wife, once we put our 3-year-old in the back with his car seat fun drives were not that much fun.

But that aside they are a well equipped and astatically pleasing vehicles. Here is a list of some features in the Ti Sport:

  • 8” touch with Sync 3 including Apple Car Play, and Android Auto.
  • Ford Smart Pass allows you to start/stop and unlock your vehicle remotely.
  • Heated front seats.
  • Panoramic sunroof.
  • 40/60 Rear seats.

Being behind the wheel of this Escape was fun, the turbo-powered motor really gives you the sporty kick you need. But thankfully you won’t use up your gas along the way the Escape has average MPG of 7.9 City and 6.8 Highway. So, to save yourself some gas money head down to your local Ford dealer and give one a drive!

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