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Build a Sprawling Technology Empire From the Ground Up in New Management Simulation Game — Tech Corp


OTTAWA, CANADA (MAY 14, 2019) — Developer Mardonpol and publisher 2tainment GmbH today announced a June 20, 2019 release date for their strategy-focused start-up management simulator Tech Corp. on Windows PC. Tech Corp.mirrors real-world high-level company management while playing on traditional simulation aspects and key strategy elements, introducing deep branching customization options never before seen in the genre. From managing your factory to developing hardware, software, gaming, and media platforms and apps, to researching new technologies, Tech Corp. is the most complete high-tech biz simulation game around.

“We knew we found a real gem with Tech Corp.” said  Alexander Wagner, Product Manager, at 2tainment GmbH. “We’ve never seen such a deep level of management in a simulation game before, and we’re sure hardcore grind fans and newcomers to the simulation genre are going to love this one.”

With an in-game timeline starting in the late ‘90s and continuing on into the present year, Tech Corp. challenges players to take leadership of a small start-up. They’ll begin by choosing which country to launch the company, hire employees, develop, manufacture and launch their first product — then the worldwide tech industry takeover begins! Along with the ability to design, produce, and launch a variety of tech products, players are also responsible for taking them through to a successful global launch. Just about everything can be managed and customized in Tech Corp., from the memory space in a console’s hard drive to the logos on the cases for the video games players create!

Along with the design, production, and marketing of products, special apps similar to Steam, Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, and Spotify can be developed. With this, players create games, television shows, movies, YouTube channels, and music playlists for each respective platform — all of which receive real-time comments and feedback from the in-game public.

“Developing Tech Corp. has been such a fun and fulfilling learning experience,” said Marco, Tech Corp.’s Producer. “To watch our vision come to life has been a dream come true, and most of all, we are excited to introduce something fresh to the genre.”

To view the Tech Corp. announcement trailer, visit:


Key Features of Tech Corp. Include:

  • Build a Dream Team: Hire employees based on their skill to design, develop, research, and market your tech — and everything else your company creates! Players manage five employee types, each with their own roles and specializations.
  • Hardware Development: Unlike similar technology business sims, Tech Corp. allows you to dive deep into your product designs – even deciding how to customize the hardware components in your products from the quality of the display to the storage size of the hard drive
  • Software Development: Develop cutting edge software that’s a step above the rest! After assigning them to a software project, your devoted programming employees take care of the heavy lifting, all while you manage progress!
  • Factory Mania: With an entire factory and the various production elements at your disposal, the ability to choose machines and their production rate is in the palm of your hand (literally)!
  • Crafting System: A robust manufacturing system leaves you in charge of ordering materials, managing components, creating products piece by piece, and managing project budgets
  • Produce, Release, Repeat: Keep a tight watch on inventory, making sure you have the parts you need, without too much inventory sitting around. Careful project management ensures that products are released and marketed in a timely manner to meet consumer needs — but keep an eye out for poor sales, and be ready to respond!
  • Home Sweet Office: Customize everything in your office from window placement to how close your employees sit to one another. Don’t forget to add a foosball table and television for break time!

Developed by Mardonpol and published by 2tainment GmbH, Tech Corp. is set to launch on Steam Early Access on June 20, 2019 for $19.99 USD. For more information, please visit the Tech Corp. website:

A press kit with screenshots, fact sheet, and logos is available here:

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