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LEDSINO LED Poster — A New Weapon for Brand Promotions in Shopping Malls

With the diversification of how customers purchase products (clothing, bags, etc), shopping becomes more and more convenient and fast on the virtual network, and this brings great pressure to entity transactions.

The original idea of LED Digital Poster is to change the method of advertisement from passive to active. The interactivity of the Screen Poster enables it to have the functions of public service, entertainment interaction, and hot spot resonance, etc. It attracts the initiative and preference of the customers to browse the media advertisement, so that the customers are willing to buy on the spot.

The LED Poster Screen is a new generation of smart LED display advertising products, which has a customizable built-in Novastar media player with 4G storage space and form a complete playback system, through Wifi, USB, and HDMI. It can also display pictures, texts, videos, widgets (weather, clocks, maps, exchange rates, etc.) and other multimedia assets.

It is widely used not only for shopping malls, shopping guides, and product launches, but also for advertising platforms, airport emergency notifications, instant information release, supporting service information release, luxury store promotions, and window posters in chain brand stores.

A senior media worker said: “The Digital Poster Screen has a variety of effectiveness with direct publicity, which resolves the mandatory placement of advertisements. It is light, thin, mobile and flexible. It effectively saves space and makes the embodiment of media publicity carrier more and more humane.”

Simple Aluminum Alloy Design Cabinet
A full-color LED Poster Screen has a smooth surface like a mirror, which is also known as Mirror LED Display. It is made of high-end aluminum alloy, making the appearance of the whole screen more beautiful than traditional ones. With thickness of only 40 CM, it actively dissipates heat to ensure the safety of long-term running. It is more energy efficient than traditional screens with lower advertising costs.

Bright Colors Attract Viewers
LED Backlit Poster uses high-quality Nationstar LED, of which the brightness can reach 1000 CD/㎡ (4 times of LCD and LED back projection). The higher color saturation and new dynamic color balance adjusting technology make the video image more clear, natural, delicate, with stronger visual impact, which may be used to show your products better.

Light and Thin, Convenient To Install In Various Ways
It has a designing hole for easy installation, fixing, moving and screen cascading. It also supports lifting, wall hanging installation, seat installation, and diagonal support, to meet the installation needs of a variety of application scenarios.

Multi-Screen Cascading For A Brand New Visual Experience
Cascaded Poster LED Screens can creatively launch puzzle mode, mirror mode and split screen mode. The dazzle colors in various modes attract customers better.

As a professional LED display manufacturer, LEDSINO provides reliable products, comprehensive services and creative solutions for our LED display industry.

LEDSINO engineers are willing to develop and customize products for all customers while providing the best customer support throughout the process. Since establishment, our team has been continuously innovating. Our LED Screen Rental, High Resolution LED Displays, Transparent Posters, Flexible LED Displays, Indoor and Outdoor LED Screens have the most advanced technology and forward-looking design in the present market.

For more information about LEDSINO, please visit: ledsino.com, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin!

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