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SayVU at the Weizmann Institute of Science: Revolutionary Technology Pinpoints Location of Persons Within Buildings with No GPS or Cellular Signal for Emergency Rescue

TEL AVIV, Israel, June 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — SayVU Technologies Ltd. and the Weizmann Institute of Science have signed an agreement to deploy an advanced command and control system to identify and report distress situations of employees, researchers and students in an environment without GPS positioning or cellular networks.

SayVU has developed a platform based on innovative technology with remote control for personal and public safety when an emergency situation occurs, and GPS and cellular systems are unavailable.


The Institute’s staff, researchers and students are equipped with smartwatches that help identify a fall or shock – either automatically triggered or reported by the protected individual in a distress situation. When either signal is triggered, the system immediately alerts SayVU’s advanced command and control system installed at the Institute’s center.  The Institute’s security center immediately sends security staff to the exact location in order to provide a quick and life-saving response as the system is capable of specifying the exact location of the person inside the building, including areas with no mobile communications and/or GPS signal.

Amotz Koskas, CEO, said ”We are grateful to the world renowned Weizmann Institute for believing in the SayVu system and choosing it over others according to their stringent requirements. SayVU’s main mission is to continue to develop advanced technology that focuses on understanding the user’s environment and situation, creating both a full report and reflecting a detailed snapshot of events within seconds.  Our product addresses companies and institutions that care for their employees, as well as providing an innovative technological solution for First Responders. The system includes a command and control system and a mobile application’.”

The need for a solution at the Weizmann Institute emerged to meet the requirements of the prestigious international standard AAALAC (Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care). The system, streamlines and simplifies processes, while improving the response to the Institute’s employees in the laboratories in times of distress, and will enable considerable financial savings. Unlike other solutions, the system does not require the deployment of dedicated hardware such as beacons.

Alex Rivkin, CTO said: “We developed the system technology in order to shorten the reaction time of first responders by 75%. This also reduces costs compared to older systems on the market, and of course SayVu also provides an excellent solution for the employer who works alone. The system includes an algorithm based on machine learning using Artificial Neural Network (ANN), which enables real-time identification of the user’s location within the structure using the existing WiFi networks, without the need for dedicated hardware deployment. In addition, the system can detect a person’s fall and transmit the alert automatically, including accurate positioning of the user without using GPS within seconds to the control center.”

SayVU Technologies was founded in 2015 by Amotz Koskas, Alex Rivkin and Dror Matalon. It received a grant from the BIRD foundation for the development of an innovative technological product in partnership with the American Optoknowledge Inc. designed for first responders, firefighters, police and rescue forces. In addition, SayVu believes the technology will shortly encompass civilian non-emergency situations.

SayVU has customers in the United States, Israel, and Latin America currently using the system in their “safe city projects.” It has now begun marketing to locations with buildings in protected areas such as campuses, airports, hospitals, hotels and sensitive facilities.

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