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The Best Treatment for Addiction


There are many ways that addiction can be treated for those trying to overcome drug abuse. You should first look into solving the origin of the problem that led you to begin taking a certain drug. Some people have struggled with mental illness through most of their life, and if that is the case, they should always talk to the doctor who prescribed them the medicine.

If someone is prescribed medication for mental illness and is addicted to it, usually it is for an anxiety disorder, and the reason they have become addicted to tranquilizer drugs is that the proper dosage doesn’t always seem to work. Whenever a patient feels that the dosage is not working, they could always explain that to the doctor to receive a higher dosage of the medicine. The problem is that doctors might suspect what was going on with the original dose that was being prescribed. If they notice that you have been taking the extra pill, then the doctor doesn’t want you to overdose on a higher dosage of it. Therefore, there is no solution to the disorder if you cannot get a higher dosage, so the patient might turn to alcohol and combine it with the drugs, such as Xanax or Valium, which is very dangerous and should never be experimented with. They would then need to check into a facility for a drug and alcohol detox in order to be sure that the body does not become so used to the amount that they have been intoxicated with. Depending on how much they have drunk in a certain amount of time, the body may be at risk from the drink or drug that is being taken. Quitting drinking cold turkey can be very dangerous, and they may need to seek help from a professional physician if it becomes any worse.

What a patient that is prescribed medicine could do is tell the psychologist that no amount of dosage is really helping. They could discuss with him that medicine may not be the right solution to cure them from mental illnesses. If you ask him for more information about mental health and psychology, he may give you a separate opinion from what you can find out in the real world. While the doctor explains to you where in the brain mental illness can exist, you can find books that tell you about how to defy mental illness and the dangers of psychological drugs. There are alternative healing methods for people who do suffer the symptoms of mental illness, including yoga, meditation, and other kinds of rehabilitation.

In the book called Psychology and the Church, Dave Hunt explains how people who struggle with mental health problems are really confused by the myth of mental illness. The case of mental illness can then be cured by your belief that it doesn’t even exist. Some people who study the brain make the case that there is no actual evidence for mental illness to begin with, even when professionals point out where they think it is on a brain chart.

So if mental illness is a myth, we could come to the conclusion that psychological drugs can actually implement mental illness or make it worse. We can easily be persuaded by society that we are suffering from a case of mental illness, but we could be more accurately swayed by people like Dave Hunt that denies it altogether. People who do go to see a behavioral health doctor should try to explain their views to him, telling them why they should not accept any prescription medication and how they can become better without it. Although the doctor may not agree because that is what his profession is, we must be cautious on how to go about our mental health situations. Unless you are in great physical pain and need painkillers that are prescribed, you should always say no to any type of drugs, even if they are offered by a doctor. The best way to deal with addiction is to never try a drug, take less of what you have been previously doing, or to heal your current situation in life that has been making your conscience feel weak or unstable

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