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Men’s Classic Styles and Those That Should Never Have Happened


Men’s fashion has had great representation through the years. There are just some things that never go out of style. There are many classic looks to be coveted and will help fill your closest with style. For example:

 A great classic for men is a navy blazer 

A well-fitting navy blazer can be worn with a polo shirt or a long-sleeve shirt and tie. You never have to worry about being overdressed or underdressed for any social or business occasion.

 Another classic is a pair of leather oxford shoes 

Whether you wear traditional black or mix it up with a pair of brogue oxford shoes, these classic shoes are the go-to shoes for any young or old businessman.

 Square-toed cowboy boots 

Speaking of classics, particularly when you are wearing classic blue-jeans (not too skinny please,) you want the Ariat square toe cowboy boots. Nothing screams cool like a top-quality pair of cowboy boots and jeans. If these boots are taken care of, they will last you forever.

Classic neckties 

People may argue that you as a man you need anywhere from nine to twenty-five neckties, but regardless of the number, go with a quality necktie. According to Real Men, Real Styles, 9 neckties to own, unless you are a real power player, gravitate toward dark blues, muted Foulard ties ( those with repeating patterns,) and perhaps a regimental tie or two. You should avoid loud ties, as they can lead to a look of being ostentatious. Try to blend in, not stand out like a peacock.

 Choose a good quality watch 

Like neckties, a good quality watch for a junior account executive does not necessarily mean, and probably shouldn’t be, a Rolex or an Omega. First of all, most senior executives will assume your watch is a fake, and even if it’s the real deal, do you really want to stand out in the room. Look for a Seiko or a Citizen. Middle-brand watches are both highly accurate, look nice, and are not over-the-top.

 Buy a quality trench-coat 

Trench coats have been in style since the 1800s and continue to be popular and functional to this day. Nowadays, you can get them in many different colors besides the classic tan. Regardless of which you choose, owning a quality trench-coat is a fantastic and classy move when the weather gets brisk.

 Buy a camel coat 

Whether dark or tan, a camel coat says style when the weather turns cool. Want an example? Just watch old reruns of Detective Ed Green on Law and Order. The man rocked classy yet sophisticated coats.

Men’s styles, while not as fickle as women’s, have undergone many changes throughout time. You might as well face it, there are some styles, such as the classic grey suit for example, which has been in style since the 1930s.

On the other hand, as reported in its article, 50 Men’s Fashion Trends That Never Should Have Happened, men’s fashion has had its share of disasters.

  • #1 on Complex’s list is Hammer (parachute) pants.Inspired by the legendary rapper M.C. Hammer of “Can’t Touch This” fame, and copied quickly by white rapper Vanilla Ice, these ultra-ugly bloomers should have given every man on earth a clue that following the star’s fashion tips is most often a bad idea.
  • #2 Jewel-studded beltsHeidi Klum and other female wannabe models could get with this fashion trend, but nothing says “thug pretender” like a crystal-studded belt on a male.
  • #3 Trucker hatsAshton Kutcher and Justin Timberlake for a nanosecond, but unless you’re a real 18 wheeler, these hats are the opposite of cool.
  • #4 Bubble jacketsTommy Hilfiger, Polo, and Nautica made some serious dollars out of these puffy jackets in the 90s, but today, wearing a bubble jacket will make you look like George Costanza from Seinfield with his giant gore-tex coat. Not a good look.
  • #5 Deep v-neck shirts and sweatersMale cleavage is never a good look. No matter if you have a chest like Arnold Schwarzenegger during his days as Mr. Olympia, when wearing either a t-shirt or sweater, most of your chest should be covered.
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