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The Amazing Modern Tool That Fits In Our Hand

Have you ever gone through a day without your smartphone? There’s nothing like missing your smartphone to appreciate how essential this tool is in our life.

Chances are you might have noticed you forgot to bring your phone along when you just drove out to the closest interstate for work, but somehow because you’re late, you can’t go back for it. And now, you’d have to face your day without your comfort-providing, entertainment-giving and time-passing phone.

You’ll experience multiple moments wishing your phone is in your bag, by your hip, or in your hand for a little chit chat by messaging, a ready emergency call with mom, a little game to pass the time, or just knowing there’s a pizza place around the corner.

How amazing is this modern tool you have in your hand called the smartphone?

Smartphones are quite amazing, however, sometimes someone does not need so much technology. Sometimes a person just wants to make or receive a phone call or make and send a text, and that is fine. They don’t need all the fancy bells and whistles that come with today’s cellphones. They want a phone that is easy to see and hear. If this sounds like you, contact Jitterbug Direct and find out more about the phone that can make your life easier.

Your Tool To Stay In Touch

To continue on with the great features of a smartphone, however, here is the most important feature. It helps you stay in touch—not just with your family, not just with your friends. We’re talking about being in the know of what’s going on anywhere in the world moment by moment.

Let’s just talk about family and friends.

How useful is the smartphone when it comes to just making sure everyone you love is ok? You can send a message. You can tweet. You can call. You can read or send an email. You can read Facebook accounts of your family and friends. And we’ve come to lean on this handheld tool to be comforted, knowing you’re just a call away, knowing you’re just a ping away.

You would appreciate this if you are in your late forties or older. There was a time in your past when getting in touch with anyone required going somewhere where there was a public phone. There used to be a public phone booth on almost every corner, and you’d have to have your quarters ready to make a call.

If you didn’t have a payphone or a quarter, you would have to wait until you got home before you could chat with your friends. That shows you how things have changed since we started using the ubiquitous smartphone.

Your Tool To Find Your Way

It used to be you would need your folded maps to get around town. You would need to learn the skills to read maps. Nowadays, it’s a comfort that you can rely on your trusted smartphone to get an idea where you are, where you’re going and how to get there, thanks to the geo-data navigational capability of our smartphone through the ever-popular Google Map or your in-phone app from iPhone maps. And some models are that durable you can exclusively use outdoors with rough use.

Navigation is not just geographical. Your phone allows anyone to find direction in life through podcasts and ebooks. You can listen for life direction or read them anywhere anytime.

Your Tool To Build Your Life

Today, more than any time in man’s history, you can chart the course of your life from a smartphone in your hand. It’s a tool that allows you to act and make something happen from an idea you get from reading something on your smartphone. The time between reading something inspirational to getting a life-changing idea to taking action: thirty seconds. You’ve just sent out your intention into the world that comes back to you in the form of a job offer, a further collaboration, an invitation or the start of a series of ideas that becomes something life-changing. That’s what the smartphone can do for you.

There’s someone out in the world waiting for you, for your ideas. Your smartphone is a ready gateway, open and ready to send out your intentions.

That’s how successful thought leaders today are able to move millions of followers into supporting their work in less than a day, through Twitter, Facebook, YouTube—all on your smartphone.

Never in the history of man has so much inspiration been so readily available in a tool so portable.

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