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The Definition of Luxury

In the modern-day world, it can be very difficult to define the word “luxury.” Economical standards and financial standings define our lives out in society, but at home, our relationships with our friends or families could be what we value most. With these possibilities, what does the word luxury mean? Is it always having our family nearby or is it owning a fleet of Lamborghinis? In this article, we will delve into the connotations of the word luxury and how the definition could fluctuate depending on the individual.

Origin of the Word ‘Luxury’

The word luxury originally meant lust with the most obscure definition in Old French being sexual intercourse. This definition has drastically changed over the centuries as money began to become a prominent aspect of our everyday lives. You can view this change in etymology as well; in the early 1960s, the definition of the word luxury was not nearly as explicit as previously. Luxury became known as “something choice or comfortable beyond life’s necessities.” This broad definition could cover a lot of areas of our lives, such as finance, lifestyle, and relationships.

Luxury in Lifestyle

Looking at a person’s home or belongings often says a lot about that person’s aspirations, goals, and desires in life. Living a comfortable, cozy lifestyle might seem highly appealing to those who like to lie low while people with bigger dreams enjoy more lavish and extravagant ones.

Luxury in your lifestyle can mean owning luxury living room furniture, owning expensive cars, having many pets, purchasing top-notch appliances, or even going out for dinner every night. How you live your life ultimately has the biggest impact on how happy you may be. For instance, doing any of the things listed above without the funds is not considered living a life of luxury because of the debt to be paid. Nor is it a smart decision.

On the other hand, luxury could mean owning average appliances, furniture, and other belongings while having no debt to be paid. Regardless of the case, the most commonly accepted definition for luxury is owning the most expensive things.

Luxury in Finance

The obvious definition of luxury in the economic world is having an excessive amount of money in your bank account. Being financially wealthy and having zero debts to pay could be one way of having luxury in your life. Individuals who we commonly consider living a life of luxury, according to this specific definition, are celebrities or multi-millionaires. However, this definition differs per social class. The lower classes or borderline-poverty may consider having food every day to be living a luxurious life. In contrast, the middle classes may aspire to gain more money and view the upper class as having luxury. While our own ambitions may have a part to play in creating this definition, it is also how we live our lives that affect it.

Luxury in Relationships

Human nature makes us susceptible for desiring to belong to groups or finding like-minded individuals that we can relate to. Humans are sociable creatures and rely on others to survive! With this in mind, we are constantly searching for new opportunities to meet people and form connections or relationships.

One instance of this is being in a romantic relationship. We often value our romantic partner much more than any other individual on this planet, and we can consider that person to be our luxury. They make us feel loved, needed, and everything else good that comes along with being in a romantic relationship. However, these feelings are unnecessary for our survival. Therefore, being in a romantic relationship can be considered a luxury.

Situations also arise in life that can cause us to not realize what a luxurious life we had before losing it. One case may be the death of a beloved family member or friend. After this tragic event, we find ourselves missing this person and wishing they were still with us, and that is where we realize that having memories with that person before his unfortunate passing was, in fact, a luxury.

For these reasons and numerous others, many consider having their close friends and families nearby to be a luxury that they cannot afford to lose.

Final Thoughts on ‘Luxury’

Whether we are looking to purchase expensive items or the most extravagant amenities for our flight, the definition of the word luxury ultimately depends upon the individual. It is up to you to choose how you would like to live your life. Your choices will define you as well as the definition of the word luxury for generations to come.

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