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3 Cool Gadgets that You Should Try to Make On Your Own

There’s just something about men and gadgets that attract each other like metal to a magnet. Whether you like hearing the day’s first news from your smart speaker or there’s an Aibo barking at you as you try to adjust the colors of the new smart LED lights to your liking, it’s hard to find a modern man who isn’t at least interested in gadgets.

However, if you are serious about your gadgets, you should be able to make at least a few of them. In case you have never really tried your hand at anything like that, here are three cool ideas to get you started.

Your Own Computerized Glasses

Google couldn’t make the Google Glass project work, so can you do what they couldn’t? Most likely not! That, however, doesn’t mean you can’t make a cool computerized glass of your own though!

You will be able to stream media content right onto the Raspberry Pi-powered glass, or even record videos and take pictures with it while you walk around. That is a cool tech to build and although it sounds super complicated, it isn’t and you can find a detailed instruction set here.

Enter the Customized Mechanical Keyboard

You can buy the cases, plates, switches, caps, PCB, etc. off the market and assemble them, but that will not give you the level of customization which one should expect from a mechanical keyboard they are building by themselves. Instead, build your own mechanical keyboard from the ground up with the help of Upverter.

The most difficult part of making your own, custom mechanical keyboard is designing the actual PCB, which used to be a tough ask for someone inexperienced in electrical engineering. That, however, is no longer the situation since Upverter allows almost anyone to design their own PCBs, without the need for any significant engineering knowledge.

Beginners can simply choose from the numerous published PCB designs for mechanical keyboards, or any other project for that matter, and modify them to suit their vision of the final product.

There is actually an excellent market for handmade, unique mechanical keyboards, so if you turn out to be really good at this, it’s possible that your hobby could be fetching you a pretty penny through online sales as well.

Turn Your Mancave into a Movie Theatre with Your Smartphone

Did you know that it’s possible to make a projector with the help of a cardboard box, a magnifying glass, duct tape, a pin, a paper cutter, and your smartphone?

It’s actually the easiest project on this list, and yet it’s so useful at the same time! Check out the simple instructions here.

Once you get started with any of these ideas, interest will grow, and you can move on to more complex projects. If you find enough interest in your new hobby to pursue it further, it may even open up a brand new avenue of income opportunities.

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