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Divorce: Is It the Answer?


One of the biggest dreams in life is to fall in love. Love is the ultimate revelation of loving, caring, and sharing. While in this state, it has a tendency to bring out the best in you. Love reveals your brightest smile, your biggest hugs, and your deepest affection. Love often leads to marriage. The wedding day is memorable, and the outlook is bright until differences of opinion arise. When these challenges continue to mount, they often present foundational cracks that eventually lead to the demise of the relationship. The previous statement is a nice way of saying divorce. There are many issues that can lead to divorce, and one must always be on guard against them which is why KoonsFuller Family Law should be sought.

One of the many is infidelity. Infidelity has a tendency to creep in once someone has allowed the temptations of life to overtake them. When one says temptations, it is in the context of boredom with your spouse, for whatever reason, or simply allowing an attraction to another to begin with an “innocent” flirtation. Before one realizes it, this suggestion of innocent flirtation migrates its way into a physical reality. After physicality begins, it is a sure bet that the marriage is never the same, and more often than not, the demise of the relationship.

Often, a lack of communication presents its own set of challenges. When one party fails to share their innermost feelings with the other, the relationship has a tendency to fall into a tailspin. This is one of the easiest paths that lead to divorce because the unknowing spouse is in no position to fix or to assist in resolving what is on the other party’s mind. The unity is broken and one often feels isolated. This isolation leads one to feel as though they should continue their life on their own. Before the other party realizes it, out of nowhere, the breaking news of separation is revealed. The news is absolutely devastating.

The first two reasons for divorce are preludes to a lack of intimacy. Intimacy is the ultimate form of bonding between two parties that are in love and marriage. Once this neglect has crept in, it is inevitable for there to be closure in the relationship. There is a great difficulty in recovery from this. There is no hiding the lack of unity in the household, and if there are children involved, they can sense the separation even if they never verbalize it.

Divorce can have a tremendous impact on the children, but this is not necessarily an absolute fact. Some kids are minimally affected by it. Maybe the adjustment may be as simple as getting used to not being with the other party all of the time. In other instances, some kids are psychologically and emotionally traumatized by the thought of divorcing parents. Some children have a tendency to become rebellious, show signs of depression, or develop deep-seated hatred for one or the other parent.

There is hope, and there are some simple steps to overcome a divorce, but it will take a firm commitment from both parties. The first recommendation is to focus on each other and not on personal agendas. The second one would be to perform some self-analysis, but be very honest with yourself. The third one would be to reestablish modes of handling disagreements. It is highly recommended to not focus so much on the issue but focus on the rules of engagement during those down moments. In some of the most successful relationships, this is the most formidable means of positioning the relationship for success.

If the situation is considered dire, it would be best to seek outside assistance. Perhaps it would be best to seek the assistance of a marriage counselor. Marriage counselors can safely expose the flaws of the relationship while taking an objective approach to assisting in resolving conflicts. Also, the couple can always seek the comfort of loving friends who are looking to assist in keeping the family together. If friends are available, it is best to ensure that they share a deep affection for both parties. A final consideration would be, if all else fails, to choose love. The perfect divorce, according to The New York Times, beautifully illustrates the maturity at the end.


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