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Best Career Paths if You’re a People Person


Everyone has different personality types and characteristics. Often at times, your personality type dictates the kind of career path you end up taking. While introverts sometimes prefer careers where they can work independently, ambiverts may prefer a job where they can do a little bit of both.

For those who are more on the social side, they may thrive when they’re able to work with others on a regular basis. There are more than enough careers out there to cater to your interests no matter what your personality type is.

Social Media Manager

Thanks to the digital age, you can now socialize both online and offline. If you’re social media savvy, you could do well in the digital marketing world. As a social media manager, you would get the opportunity to connect with people from all over the world. You could also work with brands that you deeply connect with which is an added bonus.

To become a social media manager, start by building a community of your own. If you’re able to market yourself, you can prove to prospective employers or clients that you can manage their accounts too.

Youth Probation Officer

Another possible job for anyone that’s a people person is becoming a youth probation officer. This is especially ideal if you’re passionate about young people and want to make a positive change in their lives. Some of the things that you’re going to be doing are interviewing offenders before sentencing, supporting offenders in the community, and working with victims of crime.

Becoming a youth probation officer will require that you get the right education and training. There is the option of doing a criminology degree online if you’re too busy to attend classes physically.


Mental health and wellbeing are two things that are important for every human being, and counselors can help improve them both. If you pride yourself on being a good listener, then why not look at going into this line of work?  Starting a career in counseling will require that you get a minimum of a master’s degree in psychology, social work, or counseling.

Some specialties to choose from are becoming a school counselor, career counselor, marriage counselor, or mental health counselor.


Making the decision to go down the education path could give you the opportunity to spend a significant amount of time around people. You’ll be able to teach subjects of your choice and help transfer knowledge to students that need it. Decide what level of education that you want to teach whether it be for school age kids, or higher education.


If you like the sound of reporting, interviewing, and staying on top of the latest news, becoming a journalist is a good idea. You’re going to have to be skilled at either writing or reporting in front of the camera if you want to do well in this career path. It will require a great deal of networking and contact building to ensure you thrive and get to the pinnacle of your career.



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