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What To Expect With Acupuncture For Fertility


For some women, getting pregnant is harder than they may have ever expected. Women who really want a child or children can spend year after year and thousands of dollars trying to get pregnant and the pain can be physical as well as emotional. One way that can help a woman get pregnant is to find a way to relieve their mental and physical stress as well as to find ways to help increase their fertility. One way to help kill both birds with one stone is by getting acupuncture for fertility.


Acupuncture is not as unappealing as it sounds. It is actually quite relaxing, and though it is done with needles, the needles are so small that they give you no pain. Since the needles help you relieve stress and helps encourage your body to relax, it can actually increase how likely you are to get pregnant. It works by activating the nerve endings that are far below the skin and stimulating them which encourages your body to release endorphins which have some positive effects on your level of fertility and encourages your body to conceive. Below are a few things you need to know before starting your acupuncture treatments so you can have a knowledge of what to expect as you start the treatments.


What are the risks of doing acupuncture for fertility

As long as you seek out a fertility acupuncture professional who is trained and licensed, then you run a very low risk of running any risks. Take care to also look at the needles that your technician brings to you to use and make sure that each needle is individually packaged and only used once, and that before you go through the process, they clean each injection site with alcohol. This will ensure a clean, well-done experience that keeps you healthy and relaxed the whole way through.


What will your appointment go like

At your first visit, you will go over an in-depth questionnaire with the technician who will ask questions about your life. It is important to answer every question honestly even though they may be a little awkward such as things like how often you go to the bathroom, what your stress levels are like, whether or not you have a healthy diet, etc. After they talk with you, they will begin stimulating your body with acupuncture at important pressure points that they use in fertility sessions such as in the forehead, the lower legs, and the stomach. These help you relax and get extra blood to the ovaries and other reproductive organs which will help you get pregnant.


How long does the acupuncture session last

Once you do your first consultation, the practitioner will then insert the needles into your body after you have started relaxing in a room. Once all of the needles are put into place where they need to go, the practitioner will leave the needles in place for about 25 minutes and leave you to relax there. They are typically only left in place for this long on your first visit, and every visit after that will be a little shorter in time and you will not have to plan for extra time to do a consultation every time.


How much will fertility treatment cost per visit

Unfortunately, many insurance companies do not cover fertility acupuncture treatments. This means that you will have to pay for most of your visits on your own dime. Most fertility acupuncture sessions will start anywhere between $125 and $300 for your first session and every time you go after that will cost between $75 and $150. While this may sound like a steep price, it is actually much less expensive than many other fertility treatment options out there meaning it can save you money and get you a precious bundle of joy.


Success rates for how well it works

There have been many studies done on whether or not acupuncture really works to increase your fertility. While some studies show that they do, other studies do not support the idea. However, other studies like those done by JAMA have shown that acupuncture has increased fertility rates by 50%. Many of these studies are pillow studies meaning they are medically inconclusive, however, the successful results from women around the world show that it certainly can help you finally be able to carry the baby you have always dreamed of.

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