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5 Tips for Restoring a Classic Car


There’s nothing better than hitting the open road in a classic car. The look on other drivers’ faces as you cruise by in a vintage vehicle is priceless. However, it takes a lot of work to get those cars in mint condition. These five tips for restoring a classic car will have your ride feeling brand new in no time.

Clean It

The simplest thing you can do to restore a classic car is to clean it. Throw away any junk inside that has accumulated over the years. Also, make sure to vacuum out the interior and floormats. Once you’ve cleaned everything out, a blank slate will help you see anything else that needs to be done.

Give it a Paint Job

Every classic car that’s being restored deserves a fresh coat of paint. Contact a professional so the job is done right. Choose a color that will make your classic car stand out from other vehicles on the street. Colors like candy apple red or electric blue will turn people’s heads.

Replace Any Parts

It’s important to replace any broken parts in a classic car. If you plan on showing your car off, it must be able to start. Contact different body shops to make sure they have the parts available for your car’s model. Even if you don’t plan on driving your car around, you want to make sure that it could move if necessary.

Remove Rust

Rust can totally ruin any classic car’s look. To restore a classic car to its original condition, remove any rust from the vehicle. Choose products that are safe for the car and won’t cause any damage. Anyone that has questions about which products are okay to use on classic cars should contact a professional.

Reupholster the Interior

The inside of a car should look just as good as the outside. Aside from cleaning it, consider reupholstering the car’s interior. This gives you an opportunity to be creative. If you want the car to look as close to its original state as possible, look up old pictures of it for inspiration. However, if you want a modern twist on a classic, choose upholstery with a bold pattern or print.

Classic cars are meant to be displayed. These tips for restoring a classic car will bring back the vehicle’s original beauty. Whether you intend to cruise around town or sell it at an auction, these tips will make your classic car look as fresh as possible. Have fun updating the vehicle—and remember to drive safe.

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