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Casa Systems Unveils CloudMesh(TM)


SYDNEY,  Nov. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Casa Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CASA), a leading provider of converged broadband infrastructure technology solutions for wireless, cable and fixed networks, today unveiled its new NetComm CloudMesh suite of products designed to provide Internet Service Providers (ISPs) with the ability to better manage and control the broadband experience inside a customer’s home. See the full portfolio of CloudMesh solutions at

“When customers experience poor internet connection, they believe that the problem lies with their service provider. However, in most case the underlying issue is actually the way the WiFi environment is set up in the house,” said Joe Zahra, Director of Sales, Australia / New Zealand at Casa Systems.

In today’s all connected world, most homes have multiple wireless devices that are in constant use.  This can create interference with the WiFi network resulting in spotty coverage, intermittent connections, and significant variation in throughput performance. In addition, most Australian ISPs have little visibility into their customer’s home WiFi network making it difficult to effectively manage and remedy service-related issues for their subscribers.

NetComm CloudMesh Suite of Solutions

The new CloudMesh family of devices and solutions provides leading network visibility, analytics and self-optimization to ISPs enabling them to solve the in-home WiFi experience problem.  Developed and tested in Australia, these products are designed to increase subscriber loyalty, satisfaction and average revenue per user (ARPU) by offering advanced whole-home WiFi products whilst reducing ongoing support overhead.  Features include:

  • Whole-home WiFi coverage with the suite of CloudMesh devices including WiFi Mesh nodes that seamlessly integrate with a new line of enabled gateways
  • Automated resolution of WiFi interference issues, maximizing end-user experience
  • Detailed WiFi network visibility and intelligent analytics of the in-home WiFi environment allowing ISPs to guarantee the end-user WiFi experience.
  • A WiFi Analytics cloud. When paired with NetComm CloudMesh enabled devices, ISPs can manage the WiFi performance and detect WiFi coverage holes.

“Our ISP customers generally find that many of their customer service calls are related to WiFi delivery and coverage problems.  NetComm CloudMesh can directly reduce these types of calls by improving the end-user experience,” said Nathan Gowdie, Director of Product Management at Casa Systems.

Acquired earlier this year by Casa Systems, NetComm’s product and solutions have served Austrailian ISPs since 1982, when it developed the very first dial-up modem in Australia. The locally developed and tested NetComm branded products continue to serve local ISP needs.

To learn more about the CloudMesh portfolio, visit

About Casa Systems, Inc.

Casa Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: CASA) delivers converged broadband technology solutions that enable wireless, cable and fixed network service providers to meet the growing demand for gigabit bandwidth and services. Engineered for performance, flexibility and scale, our suite of distributed and virtualized solutions delivers end-to-end connectivity across multiple access technologies. Commercially deployed in over 70 countries, Casa serves more than 475 Tier 1 and regional service providers worldwide.

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