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How to Generate Proof of Income When Self-Employed

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There are several situations in life where you may need to prove your income. That isn’t a problem for those that work for an employer but can be tricky to come up with documentation when you’re self employed.

Whether you need it for the bank when applying for a line of credit, as a way how to prove income when self employed it can be difficult to prove. There are more than 16 million self employed individuals face this challenge each year as they try to secure financing or pay taxes.

If you’re wondering how to prove income when self employed then keep reading as we’ve got all the details on why and how to keep records that should satisfy anyone who’s asking.

The Best Way How to Prove Income When Self Employed

There’s some general information that you’ll want to keep a record of when you’re self employed. You’ll need to know what you brought in from where and why.

You may need to prove your income for situations such as:

  • A car or personal loan
  • Mortgage Financing
  • Business loan or line of credit
  • Rental or Lease Agreement
  • Buying a Timeshare or Condo
  • Accident or SSI Compensation

Unfortunately, just because you’re self-employed doesn’t mean you get out of paying taxes. So you’ll need to have a breakdown of what you earned and what you need to give the government.

Many self employed individuals and those who work either by contract or freelance use accounting or spreadsheet software to keep track of their income, taxes, accounts payable and receivable.

Why Bank Records Aren’t Enough

You don’t want to have to show all your business and personal information to everyone who requires proof of income.

For instance, if you’re taking out a payday loan, you don’t need the cashier seeing where every dollar and cent in your bank account went to.

Having paystubs that give an accurate account of your income are helpful in situations like this and will help make any dealings with the bank, investors, and the government easier.

Many people who are self employed worry they won’t be able to verify their income for things like financing for a vehicle or securing a mortgage. Sites like can make the process of confirming your income easier.

Paystub Generators Can Help the Self Employed

If you work for yourself or as a freelancer you may have found one of your biggest challenges is how to prove income when self employed. It doesn’t have to be a road block to reaching your goals anymore.

You can easily and effectively verify your income in any situation you need to with resources such as paystub generators and a printer.

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