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How to Get Your Car Out of Snow This Winter


With the winter season comes quite a few hardships, and that includes dangerous driving conditions and the problems those can cause. One such problem is getting your car stuck in the snow. Use our tips and find out how to get your car out of snow this winter.  


Shovel Around Tires


A common reason why cars tend to get stuck in the snow is because their tires can’t budge. Therefore, you should have a foldable shovel handy in your vehicle. That way, you can shovel the snow around your tires to free them. 


Use Tire Traction Mats


Because of significant snowfall or ice, your vehicle may lose traction on the road, which prevents it from moving forward. If shoveling around the tires doesn’t help, there are other ways to get out of the emergency. Invest in tire traction mats that you can place under the tires. These will get your car moving and out of the snow.


Don’t Floor It


A common mistake people tend to make when they are stuck in the snow during the wintertime is going down on the gas pedal. Flooring it can make your situation worse, which is why you don’t want to do that. Instead, lightly tap your gas pedal and go on and off it; that way, you can give your car momentum. 


Put it in Four-Wheel Drive


If you own a Jeep Wrangler or another type of off-roading vehicle, there is a good chance it has four-wheel drive. This feature is another way your vehicle can gain traction on the snow and ice-covered streets. Put it on when you are stuck, and you’ll get moving in no time. 


Use a Winch


If matters really get out of hand, a winch can help you overcome an emergency. A winch attachment is installed on a vehicle’s front bumper and contains a hook and wire that you can attach to a strong object, such as a tree, to pull your car out of the snow.  


Get Out and Push

Another option you have—if you have others with you—is to have people push your car out of the snow as you lightly tap the gas pedal. With some extra muscle, this can move your vehicle forward and away from the snow. Knowing how to get your car out of the snow this winter can not only help yourself, but others around you during the holiday season. Follow these tips and you’ll be back on the road before you know it.

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