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How to Plan Your Perfect US Road Trip


New places are new beginnings. You may feel negative about your daily life, and feel that to drive into the unknown will be sending a breeze into your heart. After all, travel has proven benefits for your health, such as relieving stress and giving your mind new spaces to think and be. People living in the countryside know this all too well. Their lives, minds, and souls are interwoven with the hills, mountains, and rivers they experience life through, a sense of wilderness that rushes through our human veins. To experience this rush and the benefits of travel, all you have to do is find a vehicle and set out onto the open road; this article provides the tips you need to do just that.

The US is Huge – But Navigable

It may sound surprising to you, but there is a scientifically generated route for the perfect US road trip. An algorithm has been used to generate a road trip that passes through landmarks you don’t want to miss. The journey is expected to take 2 to 3 months, guiding you most efficiently into a range of destinations ranging from the Grand Canyon in Arizona to the Statue of Liberty in New York. There are awe-inspiring places on that map way beyond what may be described here – and that’s the point, to explore them at your own pace.

Costing Tips

If you live around the countryside, you’ll likely know the value of a reliable car that can continue driving if things get bumpy. There is no need to buy a new car; if you are from Bakersfield, for example, you can find used cars for sale in Bakersfield that is reliable and cost-efficient. The internet has become a great resource that can help you cut costs while moving, booking and meeting people.

Be sure to purchase a vehicle that can handle different terrains that you’ll encounter on your road trip, and try to avoid those that are running on a high mileage, as they’ll be more likely to break down on the road, causing significant disruption to your trip, and forcing you to miss hotel bookings and sights you’ve been excited to witness.

Other Considerations

When planning your road trip, there are a few essentials you’re going to need to plan to ensure you’re safe, well-equipped, and comfortable for the duration of your journey, including:

  • A first aid kit
  • Weather-appropriate clothing
  • Planning for the needs of your other passengers
  • A food and drinks container for longer journeys

A well-planned road trip is one during which you’ll feel free to enjoy the surrounding nature, sights, and scenes as you pass comfortably from state to state. Keep in mind that your passengers are as important to your trip as your vehicle and your supplies, and keeping them happy is instrumental in making your trip a success.


The world has never been so big – and it’s never been so easy to explore. Here, some tips for a perfect US trip have been highlighted, but, as always, the rest is up to you.

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