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MIXXTAPE Reinvents the Cassette

MIXXTAPE with Wired Headphones

DALLASNov. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Ready, Cassette, Go! It’s time to press rewind, literally, on the way we consume music; elevating the experience from one you simply listen to, to one you can actually feel. Mixxim ( proudly introduces MIXXTAPE. In a mere 30 days, MIXXTAPE was 1215% funded on Kickstarter, launching it into trendy orbit and quickly gaining the attention of USA Today, PC Magazine, Wired,, Red Bull, as well as top innovators at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. MIXXTAPE was recognized as one of only ten finalists at the 2019 CES Last Gadget Standing competition.

MIXXTAPE is a magical blend of nostalgia and modern technology. It looks and feels like a cassette, but it’s much more than meets the eye. It plays your MP3s, FLAC, iTunes, and other hi-fi audio formats. It has 8GB onboard memory and supports memory cards up to 256GB (approximately 60,000 songs). It has an OLED display, Bluetooth connectivity, rechargeable battery, headphone jack, and it will even play in a tape deck. Yes way! See the full list of features here.

“It was imperative that MIXXTAPE not just be a digital music player that looked like a cassette. It had to actually play as a cassette,” says inventor Paul Burns. “MIXXTAPE is all about the experience. In many ways, streaming can do the job more efficiently, but people recognize and relate to the feeling a cassette creates. It’s more meaningful, it’s more personal, it’s the full experience that often gets missed with streaming.”

Paul is overwhelmed about the popular response, saying, “I think people just love the nostalgic feeling MIXXTAPE gives them. And by combining digital and analog elements, it gives people an opportunity to be creative and express themselves in fun and unique ways.”

MIXXTAPE is available now exclusively on for $100 and includes free shipping worldwide.

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Mixxim merges classic craftsmanship with modern technology, creating unique products with an unexpected convergence of design and function. By tinkering with preconceptions about art and design, Mixxim works to provide a new context to contemporary ideas by creating fun and dynamic alternatives.


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