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Athletic Activities to Do Around Vegas

While most people go to Las Vegas for the casinos and buffets, those who want to stay active also have a slew of options to choose from. The geographical location and warm weather makes it a great spot for outdoor adventures and pursuits. Here are some of the athletic activities to do around Vegas that you should consider.


The natural landscape surrounding Las Vegas is excellent for hiking enthusiasts who want to soak in the beautiful, rocky scenery. Head to Red Rock Canyon just west of Las Vegas, which has trails of varying lengths and difficulty levels for you to explore. You can trek through gorges and scramble on rocks while seeing the wildlife, plants, and amazing earth formations. In some areas, such as Ice Box Canyon, you can see small pockets of water that make for a nice contrast in the desert terrain.


Outside Las Vegas, the Colorado River presents the perfect opportunity to kayak. As you paddle through the canyon, you can glimpse some of the animals that reside in the region, namely the Desert Big Horn Sheep. You will also make your way to Emerald Cave, which gets its name because, at certain times of day, sunlight reflects off the river bottom and causes the walls to glow the same brilliant green as the water.
Kayak tours start around Willow Beach, which is an hour away from Vegas, but shuttles are available to take you from the Strip to the tour and back again. 


Biking is another activity that you can take part in easily, with many places made for cycling. Not just limited to hiking, you can immerse yourself in Red Rock Canyon’s sights atop a bicycle. The 13-mile drive that the park offers can be completed either freely or with a guided cycling tour. If you didn’t bring a bike of your own, there are bicycle rentals available for visitors. 


You might think that the dry climate makes it impossible, but golfing is a good option to investigate if you are trying to get outside during your stay. Not only are there well-designed courses with full 18-hole layouts, but you can find clubs that offer competitively affordable prices so that you can have the best bang for your buck. You’ll also view scenic mountains in the distance with lush green grass in the course itself, adding to your game’s visual memorability.

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