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For Cerevisaphiles: The 5 Best Beer Festivals in the World

There’s something about that first sip of a fantastic brew. Whether you’re more of a dark ale fan or a hopped-out IPA lover, chances are there’s a beer and brewery that crafts the exact thing to make your taste buds tingle. If you’re a true cerevisaphile (beer lover) then plan a trip out to one of the best beer festivals in the world. From the iconic Oktoberfest to the Oregon Brewers Festival, you and your buds are sure to find one to fit your fancy. 

Belgian Beer Weekend

Sept. 4–6, 2020 in Brussels, Belgium 

If you’re a true beer aficionado, then you know the Belgium produces some of the best brews on the planet—so this festival is a must-visit. This festival showcases some of the best of the biggest and smallest breweries from around the country. They have live music shows and more than 400 different Belgian beers. Start planning your trip now!

Great American Beer Festival

Sept. 24–26, 2020 in Denver, Colorado

This three-day-long festival has an insane amount of beer for you to try out. Featuring beers from over 450 breweries, there are more than 2,000 different beer varieties—from your favorite pilsners to some insane sours. Stay tuned for the competitions as well, in which 100 judges from across the nation evaluate thousands of beers. Come for the beer, stay to explore Denver. 


Sept. 19 – Oct. 4, 2020 in Munich, Germany 

Along with Various Dates and Locations Across the U.S.

The festival that always comes to people’s minds when it comes to beer festivals is the iconic Oktoberfest. Celebrated since 1810 in Munich, this festival has been bringing people back year after year for its addictive culture and mouthwatering brews. Head to Munich or stay in the states and visit the various fests!

Kitchener Waterloo Oktoberfest

Oct. 6–17, 2020 in Kitchener, Canada

Ontario’s Kitchener Waterloo is considered to be the second-largest Oktoberfest outside of Munich. Lasting nine days, the festival preserves many of the original Oktoberfest’s same German traditions. If you want to visit, you have to start planning now—it’s one of the greatest beer festivals in North America!

Oregon Brewers Festival

July 22–25, 2020 in Portland, Oregon

The nation’s longest-running craft beer festival is found in Portland. Though it may be small (showcasing 80 different breweries across the states) it packs quite the punch. Your top pick for a summer beer fest, they carry a unique selection of beers (watermelon beer, anyone?) and they also carry specialty brews just for this event. The atmosphere is one you won’t want to miss; start planning now!

If these sound like something you’d enjoy, start planning as soon as possible! But, as always, make sure you drink responsibly and know your limits. Higher altitudes, rate of consumption, and other factors can really change how alcohol affects your BAC level and your body, so make sure to take it slow. The safer you are, the more fun you’ll have!

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