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MSI Launches the First Laptop With Mini LED Screen ‘MSI Creator 17’

NEW DELHI, Dec. 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Innovative tech giant MSI continues to champion the needs of creators, and now MSI is about to unveil a new, unprecedented content creation laptop at CES: The Creator 17. The Creator 17 is the world’s very first laptop to come with new revolutionary technology, the Mini LED display, which can provide top-notch, true-to-life color accuracy and visual entertainment experience for all creative souls.

Evolutionary Mini LED technology with $1 billion market potential

Mini LED is a game-changing technology that has the potential to be used on all electronic displays. It has a simpler structure with better performance, combining all the strengths of other display technologies. Until now, Mini LED has only been used in some TVs, but with leading global display manufacturers shifting production focus to Mini LED, its estimated market value has reached a staggering $1 billion USD, and it’s expected to be adopted by a variety of industries within the next few years, from laptops to smartphones. For creators who want outstanding image quality with great 4K HDR performance and terrific brightness, Mini LED is the logical choice for their next laptop. Foreseeing the demand from professionals and future trends, MSI has once again taken a lead role in the laptop industry by choosing  Mini LED as their display for content creators.

The Creator 17’s 17-inch display boasts a peak brightness of 1,000 nits and Mini LED backlighting. This technology enables 240 zones of local dimming control, delivering the vibrant visuals with the brightest whites and deepest blacks with sharper, more detailed imagery. Critically, the Mini LED is also immune to burn-in problems.

The Creator 17 Mini LED display: winner of the HDR standard

HDR stands for high dynamic range and it significantly expands the range of two important factors-contrast ratio and color accuracy. The Creator 17 Mini LED display is so far the only laptop panel which can reach the high dynamic range (HDR) 1000 standard and achieve white luminance of 1000 nits. It’s at least twice as bright than its counterparts, regular LED or OLED screens. The reason why HDR looks way better is that it provides an exceedingly high brightness image with a higher level of contrast between light and dark areas on the screen, while also taking advantage of more colors, to create a much more realistic image. For example, users can only reproduce an HDR image they’ve captured on an HDR panel, otherwise, the creation might suffer from color distortion if the display’s nits aren’t reaching the right level.

The Creator 17 reproduces natural colors, the world’s leading true-to-life experience

With the HDR 1000 standard, the Creator 17’s display can return the actual color of objects from real life. The Creator 17 also features a 4K high resolution for a more realistic viewing experience and a wide color gamut of 100% DCI-P3 to present close-to-real color accuracy. An additional thoughtful feature for creators is that the Creator 17 supports both DCI-P3 & Display P3 color space, giving users maximized flexibility for a variety of scenarios while presenting their artwork.

Next-gen LED: Smaller lights lead to big display improvements

The next generational leap forward in display technology will advance from the current backlight display to a self-light-emitting type with a much simpler structure. As the name suggests, in simple terms, the Mini LED backlight is thinner, miniaturized, and arrayed, resulting in light emission uniformity to a greater degree than its predecessors. The MSI Creator 17’s Mini LED display has the benefit of power efficiency, greater thinness and light-emitting efficiency. For improved image quality, particularly to appreciate HDR, you need local dimming. The Creator 17 offers the strength of over 240 zones of full-array local dimming and lightening of a particular area of an image; ideally, it’s able to dim each pixel enough to create a visually impressive contrast ratio which can be automatically adjusted even when displaying movements within a video.

The pioneering innovations of MSI Creator 17 makes grand debut at CES

Apart from the extraordinary Mini LED display, MSI’s snazzy, slim, yet powerful Creator 17 delivers the latest in CPU and GPU processing power while providing full laptop ports which include the first Type-C port to support outputting 8K image to an external display. The Creator 17 is also outfitted with the world’s fastest UHS-III SD card reader with a speed of up to 624 MB per second. Moreover, the Thunderbolt port can support up to 27W(9V/3A) current output for mobile charging for on-the-go users. All these features will provide a smooth workflow for professional creators and enable them to create and share splendid moments. The cutting-edge and pioneering innovations of the Creator 17 will make a grand debut at this year’s CES for MSI to demonstrate the ability to be always one-step ahead of the industry.

About MSI

As a technology pioneer, MSI takes customer satisfaction as the momentum and the pioneering R&D staff as the root to market its global presence over 120 countries. A complete line-up of notebook PCs, All-in-One PCs, motherboards, graphics cards, desktops, servers, IPCs, robotic appliances and vehicle electronics demonstrate MSI’s strengths and endeavors in consumer and commercial markets. MSI spares no effort in the pursuit of excellent quality, user-friendly design and exquisite fashion products, making it the leading brand beyond customer expectations. For more product information, please go to https://www.msi.com/  

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