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The 4 Best Marketing Investments for Small Businesses

When you’re first starting a small business, you may not always have a massive budget, a decent portion of which should go to marketing. After all, in order to sell, you have to be seen. Therefore, you must carefully strategize how to use your budget. To help you kick off your marketing campaign, we’ve made a list of the best marketing investments for small businesses.

1. Call Tracking

Many experts recommend call tracking as a method of identifying where the majority of your revenue comes from. Some businesses may not realize they’re investing a substantial amount of money into an area that doesn’t actually accrue much revenue. The ability to identify the sources of your calls allows you to put your budget where it will best benefit your business.

2. E-mail Marketing

To this day, e-mail marketing is one of the best marketing avenues and the best way to generate a high ROI. The demand for e-mail marketing is high, as it tends to be affordable and can attract potential customers in different ways. For example, an e-mail reminding someone of an abandoned cart is effective because it focuses on a product the person had already expressed interested in.

3. Facebook Ads

Many small businesses turn to Facebook ads due to their affordability. How many impressions you make determines how much you spend, making it something of a pay-per-click situation. If enough of these impressions convert into actual purchases, your profits may be substantial. If you offer a local service, be sure that your ads are only being showed to local customers.

4. SEO

SEO—or Search Engine Optimization—is a process in you grow your website’s authority using keywords and backlinks. When outside websites that Google trusts link back to your content, your own site gets a little boost that will help it rank higher in Google’s search engine. Depending on your business’s budget, you can usually get different price packages.

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