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Best Ways to Modify Your Car on a Budget

One of the best things about being a car owner is that you can customize it to your liking. Sometimes these customizations can get costly, but there are some simple ways for car owners to improve their rides without overspending. These best ways to modify your car on a budget will give it a stylish new look that you’ll want to show off.

Floor Mats

Floor mats are a simple modification to complement any vehicle. It’s no wonder they’re popular, given that they’re cheap, versatile, and ensure your floors are spotless from dirt, mud, or other messes. Floor mats are one of the most common sports car modifications because they protect the interior’s integrity. Not to mention, they’re cost-efficient. A set of durable floor mats will cost less than $100—if you have a Mustang, for instance, it’s one of the best and least expensive modifications you can make.

Interior Vinyl

Another way to revamp your car’s interior is with vinyl wrap. Interior trim wraps allow complete customization of your vehicle’s interior, with different colors and finishes to choose from. Choose a vinyl that accentuates the seats and lighting. Also, the vinyl itself is inexpensive, but you will pay more to have a professional install it versus doing it yourself.

Racing Pedals

One way to make your car feel like a racecar is to replace your factory pedals with racing pedals. They function in the same way as your factory pedals but provide a racing vehicle aesthetic. You can literally put the pedal to the metal with aluminum pedals. A standard kit costs anywhere from $20 to $250 or higher. 

LED Lighting

Your vision is essential to driving at night, so it’s crucial to have proper lighting. Not only will LED lights improve your car’s performance, they’ll also add to its exterior look. Generally, LED lights come in soft white or bright white options, but you can opt for yellow, green, red, blue, or any other color that you desire. For those looking to add more lighting detail into their vehicles, you can also install fog lights. These are designed to emit light in low visibility. Aftermarket light kits are more expensive than some of the other options on this list, but they’re still a great addition to your vehicle. 

Hood Decal

Hood decals give your car an added sense of style that keeps your personal tastes in mind. Some people opt for aggressive-looking decals, like skulls, animals, warriors, or fire, but you can put whatever you want. 

Tinted Windshield

Lastly, other car owners prefer to tint their windshield and windows for privacy and aesthetics. Window film is used to reduce the visible light transmission through car windows. It’s important to note that window tinting is regulated differently within each state—some states having lower VLT regulations than others, so check your local laws.

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