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Improve Your Class-A RV with the AutoTrix Step Cover Module

TULSA, Okla., Jan. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Nothing can spoil the excitement of an RV trip faster than the slow operating speed of a step well cover that must be held down to function properly. Unfortunately, this functionality also makes it more likely that the button will wear out over time and need to be replaced. To help improve the experiences that can be had in Class-A motorhomes, AutoTrix developed a step cover module that provides one-touch operation for well covers or articulating steps.

Most Class-A RVs will have one of two distinct operation modes that initiate when the step well cover button is held. This could include a closing process that extends an articulating cover over the steps or an alternate method that folds the steps vertically to form a cover. Regardless of which of these methods a Class-A motorhome uses, the AutoTrix Step Cover Module can be installed to not only provide one-touch, automatic operation but also protect the intricate parts of the step well cover system to increase longevity.

Once successfully installed, the AutoTrix Step Cover Module automatically completes the step well cover process without the need to hold down the button. Once the cover or steps complete their travel, the module immediately shuts off to maintain the integrity of the motors or intricate parts that could degrade or malfunction with extended use. To further enhance safety, this step cover module was also developed with a 10-second auto-shutoff function if a failure occurs.

Like the other automotive parts provided by AutoTrix, the step cover module is proudly manufactured in the United States. In an effort to create the most reliable and robust product possible, this module is also both water and vibration resistant through a special sealing process. AutoTrix has worked hard to create the most robust and reliable well cover module possible for Class-A motorhome owners and many other products to help improve the RV experience.

AutoTrix LLC is an aftermarket automotive electrical manufacturing company based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. As a company, they believe in building quality, American-made and designed automotive electrical accessories. Bringing today’s technology to yesterday’s vehicle has always been the AutoTrix mission. To achieve this, they re-create modern-day vehicle creature features in a way that can be installed into older cars and trucks.

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