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Protecting Your Gadgets When You’re on the Go

If you travel a lot, whether it’s for business or pleasure, you’ll no doubt have a myriad of gadgets that you take in your luggage. Everyone has become used to taking their laptop, tablet, cellphone and a variety of other gadgets away with them, so the thought of leaving them at home might fill you with dread. The problem is, when the totals are added up, you’re essentially carrying around thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment, which is small and easy to steal or lose, so how do you protect your gadgets when you’re away from home?

Pack and protect

Firstly, you should make sure your gadgets are physically protected in case you drop them, something lands on your luggage, or they are damaged in some other way. Look for BodyGuardz iPhone X cases or a case that’s tailored specifically to your model of phone or tablet, and don’t forget the sturdy screen cover. When it comes to packing, keep electrical devices in your carry-on case, never check them. Checked luggage is much more likely to get lost or damaged.

Get a hotel with a safe

Many hotels will have safes in their rooms, or they may give you the option to hire one during your stay. If you are taking lots of gadgets with you, it’s worth spending a few dollars to get a safe, as it means you can lock things away when you’re by the pool. Theft is the most common crime against tourists, whether it’s from your hotel room or pickpocketing, so carry as little as possible with you when you’re out and about.

Find out what your travel insurance covers

When people book travel insurance, they often focus on the medical cover, perhaps not thinking about how much cover is offered if you lose your luggage or have one of your gadgets stolen. Many tourists are under-insured, which means the total of the claim won’t cover things like a stolen laptop or suitcase with an expensive camera and top of the range tablet inside. It’s often only a couple of dollars more to upgrade your insurance and cover these expensive things.

Secure your electronics

As things like tablets and smartphones have become more expensive and sophisticated, the security features have also been upgraded. However, you need to set them up for them to work properly. For example, find my iPhone is a good way of keeping track of your phone if it’s lost or stolen. You can report its location to police and even remotely wipe sensitive data, which means you don’t have to worry about criminals stealing your identity. Most phones now allow you to lock them using a code, password or fingerprint, and at the very least you should enable this feature, so it’s harder for thieves to get into your files.

New phones, tablets and laptops can run into thousands of dollars, so it’s important they’re protected when you travel. From the right case to the right insurance, you’ll get peace of mind from planning for different eventualities and can focus on enjoying your trip.

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