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The New Coleen… A mold-breaking and fully customizable electric bike from France!

Las Vegas, January 5, 2020 – Coleen, the new French signature brand in connected electric mobility, unveils its new generation of electric bikes designed and manufactured entirely in France at CES Unveiled Las Vegas 2020. With an unrivaled weight-to-power ratio, Coleen combines light weight, safety and premium quality with distinctively minimalist design. Coleen reshuffles the deck for electric bikes. This iconic bike with its cross-form frame and sleek lines designed by company co-founders Audrey Lefort and Thibault Halm takes its inspiration from the first velocipedes invented near the Avenue de Montaigne in Paris in 1861.A bike for purists, lovers of prestige vintage style and anyone who appreciates beautiful objects and cutting-edge technology. At this year’s CES Las Vegas, Coleen is showcasing a completely new version of its fully customizable bike. As well as being able to choose the color of their bike (from 5 permanent colors, plus a color of the season that changes every 6 months), users can also customize several of the bike’s components. The new-generation Coleen delivers a fully personalized experience! Two power options are offered, one delivering up to 15.5 mph, and the other up to 28 mph. You can then choose between aluminum suspension forks or carbon fiber forks. The seat post, handlebar, gearbox and braking system can also be customized to suit your preferences. A wide range of accessories is also available to make your bike unique to you: from the mountable bike bag to the suspension seat post that vintage style fans are going to love, and from the front-mounted pannier to the rear-mounted baggage rack… There’s something for everyone!Customers can also order their safety helmet, bike lock and spare batteries with their bike.The Coleen motor remains one of the key components of the new bike. More powerful and quieter than a bottom bracket motor, its all-new motor solution transmits power directly to the rear wheel instead of via the crankset, sprocket and chain, which means no mechanical wear and no jerky gear changes. 

Audrey Lefort, co-founder of Coleen: “Unlike a bottom bracket motor, the crankset, sprocket and chain are not subject to the motor-generated torque that causes accelerated wear; it’s a solution similar to that used in the design of prestige autos.” The new COLEEN motor is integral to the rear wheel hub, making it practically invisible. Bold and assertive, elegant and self-confident, Coleen is designed to appeal to design purists and all those who appreciate beautiful mechanical engineering and cutting-edge technologies. “Inspired by the first velocipedes invented near the Avenue de Montaigne in Paris in the 19th century, the frame geometry is designed for extra comfort,” explain designers Audrey Lefort and Thibault Halm. “We’ve designed and developed Coleen specifically for urban life, carefully refining our own technical components to deliver on its promise of sustainable, safe urban mobility.”Reinventing the bike experience with simplicity and technologyThe Coleen e-bike has been designed to achieve an unrivaled power-to-weight ratio. Coleen uses a belt transmission system with an optional 7-speed gearbox, and features soft leather for its saddle and handlebar grips.The 42-cell Coleen battery can be rapidly and fully recharged in just 2½ hours. Locating the integrated battery at the front of the frame optimizes weight distribution for an easier and more pleasant ride. The innovative design also includes an HD screen seamlessly integrated into the bike to provide GPS, call and message alerts, and other features to add another element of smart neo-modern design. 
Designed, tested and manufactured in France 
The Coleen bike is a French product in every detail. The saddle is made in France by Idéale, which sends the offcuts to luxury French accessories manufacturer Voltaire, which crafts the handlebar grips. Its carbon frame carries a 48-volt battery and 75 special components. It uses belt transmission, and features hydraulic disc brakes and wide tires.
Availability:The Coleen bike is available to pre-order at coleen-france.com and from dealers. Prices begin at €4,990 including VAT. Technical specifications

  • Motor: 250W / 2.5kg / 43 Nm (feels like 110 Nm)
  • Torque sensor integral to the motor
  • Battery: 48 volts (full charge in 2½ hours)
  • Real-life range: up to 100 km
  • Bike weight: 19 kg
  • Belt transmission
  • Integrated HD transflective LED display: 480 x 800 pixels 3.2” screen
  • Ergonomically-designed saddle


 Unveiled (Mandalay Bay Hotel)CES stand: Eureka Park, 50 241About ColeenFounded in March 2014 by CEO Audrey Lefort and Managing Director Thibault Halm, Coleen, the premium electric bike manufacturer, is based in Bayonne. Coleen has been developed out of the meeting between Thibault and Audrey, both of whom are keen cyclists, and neither of whom could find precisely the right solution to their two-wheeled needs. Towards the end of 2018, they were joined by Pierre Bigard, formerly a composite materials R&D engineer at LOOK Cycle, the road and track racing bike specialist. They started reinventing the electric bike from a blank sheet of paper with the ultimate aim of creating a machine of unrivaled performance pleasure. Coleen is a Eurobike 2018, Huawei Digital Impulse 2018 award and Red Dot Award 2019 winner. For more information: www.coleen-france.com

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