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10 Essential Tools You Should Have in Your Garage

Whether you want to fix your own car or others, having your own garage can be a great lifesaver. You don’t need to rush to a mechanic every time your vehicle starts to give you trouble.

However, to properly fix any vehicle, there are some basic tools that every garage ought to have. Besides, you need to consider facts like the power supply, space required, and the instruments you need to successfully run a garage.

A well-equipped garage can be a great addition to your business, as well as your home. All you need to know is the right kind of equipment that will help you work smartly and flawlessly.

Garage Tools You Must Have

No matter how expert of a mechanic you are, fixing a vehicle will be challenging if you don’t have the proper tools and set up in your garage. If you’re confused about what to get for your garage, the following list will help you.

Air Compressor

An air compressor is a must-have for every garage that can power some other important garage tools, such as air ratchet, air impact wrench, sandblasters, blowgun, tail inflator, and more.

An air compressor is easy to attach to these tools and can also be used to blow away the dust in your garage. The best part is you don’t need to charge an air compressor as it can run for hours without having to stop.

Floor Jacks

Even if you don’t own a garage, you must have a floor jack in your car. It’s an essential tool that helps in lifting cars to change the tires. If you don’t have a lift in your garage, you still raise a corner of the car using floor jacks.

Remember, jacks are designed to lift your car quickly, meaning that you need to follow some safety precautions. Make sure your car is on flat ground and stabilized when you begin.

Car Lifts

You don’t want to crawl around underneath your customer’s car to fix it. It’s extremely risky and not professional at all. That’s why you will see car lifts in many well-equipped garages.

Car lifts can raise your car in the air within minutes, letting you fix the vehicle more efficiently. While a professional car lift is quite expensive, it will surely attract more customers.

Torque Wrenches

If you’re looking for a good tightening tool, then you must not skimp on some torque wrenches of different sizes. There are various types of torque wrenches such as click, beam, electronic click-style, etc.

A click wrench lets you set the desired value, whereas a beam torque wrench simply features a gauge. You can also go for an electronic click-style torque wrench if you want something more advanced.

Bolt Extractors

For any mechanic, having a rounded-off broken bolt  can be troublesome. If you can’t remove that broken bolt efficiently, the part can be completely damaged.

However, having a set of bolt extractors can save you from ruining that part of your vehicle. These tools will let you remove that broken bolt without damaging anything, saving your reputation to your customer.

Portable Lights

The lighting of your garage may not be enough to fix a car, especially when you’re underneath the car or trying to find a tricky spot. In that case, a portable LED light or torch can save your day.

While purchasing a portable LED light for your garage, make sure it is rechargeable and comes with an underhood bracket. An underhood bracket is necessary when you need to strap the light in places under the hood conveniently.

Safety Gear

Your garage can be a safe haven or a trap for major accidents based on the safety precautions you take for it. It’s your responsibility to install essential safety gear to keep the dangers away from you and your customers.

It’s quite normal for a garage to catch fire while you’re working. Make sure you have a smoke detector and fire extinguisher present and properly working. Also, keep a first aid box, gloves, and safety gloves in a place where you can reach easily.

Nifty Organizer

Are you one of those mechanics who never find their tools easily? Then it’s high time for you to become organized.

Instead of putting everything on the floor, put a pegboard up on the wall to keep things there. It will save a lot of space while helping you to find the necessary tool on time. Besides, you can lessen the possibility of an accident by organizing the tools.

Pressure Washers

When it comes to cleaning cars, the last things your customer will want to see you come up with a bucket of soapy water and a wash mitt. While this is quite normal when you’re cleaning your personal car at your home, using them in a garage is not convenient.

If you don’t have enough space to install a drive-thru wash, you can use a pressure washer to quickly clean the car after a grimy engine repair. It will also let you look for additional leaks after a job is done.

Inspection Camera

While not essential, an inspection camera can offer you a number of good uses. You can use it to peek deep into the bowels of a car engine to look for a bolt that is difficult to see.

Instead of going for an expensive inspection camera, you can buy a cheap one that lets you monitor the car using your smartphone.

Final Thoughts

Even the best mechanic can feel lost and hopeless without having the right tools while fixing a car. A proper set up with the necessary tools is essential for every garage for the proper maintenance of a vehicle.

Once you have all of the essential things in your garage, it’s time to take proper care of them. Always keep your tools organized and your garage clean for you and your customers’ convenience.

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