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Essential Equipment Every Laboratory Needs

The work conducted in laboratories is very serious, and these labs are full of highly technical and expensive equipment. No matter what work or research people do, setting up a lab is expensive. There are ways around that, of course, and you don’t have to break the bank sourcing equipment. If a lab is researching infectious disease, testing blood samples, or making vaccines, there is certain equipment that they all have in common. The essential equipment every laboratory needs is not always high-tech and expensive, just hard-working and dependable.


Laboratories are sterile environments. Excessive germs and pollutants in a lab can alter the results of experiments and tests, so it’s important that everything is clean. Lab workers must keep all surfaces, equipment, and safety equipment disinfected and clean. An autoclave is a pressure chamber that sterilizes glassware, instruments, tools, waste, and media. It looks a lot like a common household dishwasher and varies in size. They are necessary to avoid contamination in the experiments and to ensure the safety of all the people working in the lab. 


Every lab needs a water source to conduct experiments and keep things clean. Not every piece of equipment needs sterilizing in the autoclave, so they are washed in the sink with normal soap and water. Some are equipped to distill the water, which is best for conducting experiments. At a minimum, they will have a filter on them to remove impurities from the water.

Hot plate

A heat source is as important as a water source in the lab. A hot plate is a better choice than a Bunsen burner or open flame. Some labs have flammable materials in them, and an open flame could lead to a fire or explosion. Hot plates allow for more precise temperatures and control than burners do and mitigate any risk.

Eyewash Station

There are many safety procedures and equipment in a lab, and the eyewash station might be the most important one. Lab technicians have personal protective equipment like safety goggles on, but accidents happen, and foreign biological material can enter the eye. The eyewash station will flush the eyes in an emergency and eliminate any harmful substances until the tech can get to a hospital.


Microscopes are found in every school science lab across the country and kids learn to use them at a young age. That, however, doesn’t lessen their importance in the scientific community. They are practical and very useful in all labs for viewing samples in fine detail.

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