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The Most Recognizable Movie Weapon

In the history of motion pictures, there are few props with as much instant familiarity as the lightsabers used in Star Wars films. Their importance to the franchise is personified in both the visual effects on screen as well as the backstory behind them. Wielding a jedi lightsaber requires training to be used effectively, and almost all have a unique construction and appearance. This enables each one to have its own individual story.

Unmatched Utility With a Visual Flair

Unlike other common silver screen weapons like swords and guns, the lightsaber can be a multi-use tool and not just used on the offensive in combat. It can be used to cut through any material in the galaxy with little effort. They provide a useful light source in areas of total darkness. Shots from a blaster can be deflected with some skill. During battle, the blade can block another and protect from being sliced and burned by the attacker. All of this utility comes in conjunction with an auditory and visual uniqueness that stands out in cinema history.   

An Explanation of the Various Colors

Many characters in the Star Wars universe have utilized the power of a lightsaber, from peacekeepers to the dark side, and the colors depicted are not chosen at random. The distinctive hues are generated by the use of crystals found throughout the galaxy. Below are some of the most common colors featured, and maybe some you have forgotten!

  • Blue is the Jedi lightsaber brandished by the most familiar of those characters – Obi Wan, Luke, Anakin and Rey to name a few.
  • Green is wielded by more of the “laid back” Jedi such as the diminutive Yoda.
  • Red defines the Sith and is a representation of those that have fallen to the dark side.
  • Purple remains an uncommon color most notably carried by Mace Windu.
  • White tends to be associated with Ahsoka Tano and true neutrality.
  • Yellow has been seen in the hands of Jedi Temple guards.
  • Black is related to the Mandalorian people, and only obtainable by defeating a person who holds one in battle and taking it from them.

What would your lightsaber look like as you trained to be a Jedi Master? Maybe it would mimic that of your favorite on-screen character. On the other hand, a vision in the Force may have laid out the perfect design cues for your blade of choice. There are endless opportunities to visualize yourself in combat carrying this iconic movie weapon.

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