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Top Modifications to Make Your Truck Look Tougher

Pickup trucks are cool machines. They’re big, tough, and strong. Some people own them for work and towing, while others simply want to look powerful in one. No matter the reason, there are ways to make a truck look more intimidating. The top modifications to make your truck look tougher will impress others and help you create the vehicle of your dreams.

New Wheels

There are many different types of wheels on the market. Most pickup trucks come with all-terrain wheels installed, but you can replace these with something more hardcore—especially if you use your truck for off-roading. On that note, opt for mud-terrain tires. These have wider-gapped rubber to provide more traction on unpaved surfaces, such as mud, sand, or gravel. They do not have studs like snow tires, but their deep grooves allow the tread to sink into mud or loose surfaces better. Make sure to get bead locked wheels to prevent the tires from falling off.

Lift Kit

There’s nothing better than driving a vehicle bigger than everyone else. It is the best way to feel like you’re driving a powerhouse of a vehicle. This is where lift kits come in handy. These are suspension lifts designed to raise the ride height of your truck. Typically, spacers go between the axles, leaf springs, coil springs, and extended shocks to give the vehicle serious height. Just be sure to check with your regional jurisdiction if installing a lift kit is legal in your area. 

Step Bar

Whether or not you get a lift kit, there are high chances you’ll need to enter the vehicle. It doesn’t matter if it’s a light-duty traveler or a full-size off-road machine, a step bar will help you enter and exit your vehicle. These come in different colors and styles to fit your personal tastes. Keep in mind that cheaper step bars crack and collapse over time, so opt for a high-quality step bar unless you plan on making constant changes.

LED Lights

You must have LED lights to illumine the road or surface ahead of you whether you’re driving on the highway at night or taking the truck out for an off-road adventure before dawn. These bulbs produce an intense bright light that overpowers the standard built-in bulbs. You can even choose a lightbar for a serious light source. If you’re interested in equipping your pickup with better lights, numerous companies sell lighting upgrades for Ford Raptors and other popular trucks.

Bed Liner

Lastly, although it doesn’t add as much change as the other modifications, a bed liner is the perfect last application to turn your truck into a tough driving machine. Any truck owner who respects their vehicle knows they must protect it from scratches, dings, or dents from regular use. You can choose a spray-on or drop-in bed liner to do this. Drop-in liners use high-impact plastic to take a lot of abuse without the bed itself getting hit. Similarly, spray-on liners are permanent and don’t allow water intrusion, unlike the drop-ins.

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