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What Will The Gaming Industry Be Like In 2025

The gaming industry has been evolving impressively fast over the last decade, leaving everyone curious to know how it will look like in future years. How will the industry look like in 2015, for instance? Just about 15 years ago, simple games such as Nokia’s brick-based Snake-eating-other-bricks game were prominent and highly valued by mobile gamers. The phones weren’t smart back then and computer games were only for the tech-savvy. It was pretty hard to load games into a computer using floppy disks and CD-ROMs. The industry was literally on its crawling stages.

Things have really changed now and mobile gaming is becoming ideal for everyone. New technologies such as Raspberry Pi 4 are increasingly becoming the cornerstone onto which the future of the gaming industry will be founded. Note that with technology, anything/a lot can happen in a space of 5 years. Smart devices, increased processor speed, an increase in internet connectivity, and several other tech developments will surely be vital in shaping the direction that gaming will take in the coming years. Gamers, on the other hand, are increasingly demanding convenient and optimally enjoyable gaming experience. The possibility of a virtual future in the industry is also more pronounced now than ever before. With all these issues in mind, let’s try and predict how the gaming industry will have evolved by 2025.

1.      It will be a $300+ billion industry

GlobalData, a reputed data, and analytics firm predict that the video game market will double both in revenue collection and investment. A couple of years back, the industry was worth approximately $130 billion, which almost doubled by the end of 2019. That is to say that the growth rate is at a steady 13% growth rate. Going by that trend, therefore, GlobalData predicts that the industry could potentially grow to $305 billion or more. As cloud gaming technology keeps growing, and with the prospects of the rolling out of the 5G network, the mobile gaming platform is likely to be extremely prominent in 2025. More smart technology consumers will join the gaming world and that will expand the market significantly.

2.      The blockchain technology will be an integral part of the gaming industry

The blockchain technology is touching on almost all industries today and the gaming industry isn’t exempted from this. It holds great promise for the growth of efficient and reliable interactions between gamers. For example, the technology is likely to be vital in the decentralization of asset exchanges in the gaming industry as well as the verifiability of collectibles and virtual objects in the industry. Gamers will also have an easier and secure payment network thanks to this technology. On the part of game developers, blockchain will help them properly monetize their creations.

3.      Almost everyone will be gaming

There will be more gamers in 2025 than there are today, primarily because of the increasing number of people with access to the internet. The global expansion of Chinese smartphone manufacturers has enabled almost everyone in the emerging markets to own a browsing device. Mobile internet infrastructure across the world has never been better and smartphones are increasingly becoming affordable. As such, more than a billion internet users stream content live on a daily basis, more particularly online games. Every game developer must start thinking about investing in video game localization services in order to tap into the massive potential that internet and smartphone adoption has brought to the gaming world.

4.      There will be a greater connection with the player

Developers will need to build clear relationships with their target gamers if their products are to have any chances of success in 2025. Gaming will be more of a community than an individual thing. Negative community reactions will easily damage a game’s chances of survival in the to-be very competitive industry. A developer’s ability to create robust and engaged gaming communities will determine the success or failure of a game.

5.      Streaming will be huge

As we mentioned, more and more people are downloading and streaming content online thanks to the availability of cheap smart devices. Gaming is now a global phenomenon. The growth of 5G and the imminent maturity of cloud technologies will make streaming even more convenient by 2025. Developers must reimagine their strategies and align their content with the existing streaming channels in order to increase viewership and revenue generation.


The gaming industry, as it stands, is showing a high growth potential within the next half-decade. As smartphone usage and internet connectivity increase, things will keep looking up for the industry. The onus is upon game developers to re-strategize in order to accommodate the massive changes that the industry will experience within a short span of time.

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