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Prompt: The Anti-Watch

Prompt: The Anti-Watch is a timepiece with no numbers, hour, or second hands. There is no screen or connection to WiFi or Bluetooth. The orientation doesn’t matter and the time zone is irrelevant. Its minimal design can be worn on your wrist, kept in your pocket, or held comfortably in your hand. It won’t push you notifications, but will silently give the time to you when you tap on the face.

The timepiece itself is strikingly simple, beautiful, and modern, made of high quality PVD coated stainless steel and polished glass. Engineered to be no larger than a small comfort stone or serenity coin, it is smooth to the touch and substantial in weight and quality.

We spent years refining the product. Early iterations of the tactile timepiece went to lengths to tell you the precise time, right down to the hour and minute. But since most meetings start at the top of the hour or halfway past the hour, we ultimately realized that staying prompt only required a timepiece to convey “four moments in time” – right before or after the top of hour, and right before or after the half-hour. 

Touching the smooth concave glass lens triggers between 1 and 4 vibrations to represent those “four moments in time”: where 1 vibration means you’re within the first 15 minutes in the hour, 2 vibrations for the second 15 minutes in the hour, 3 vibrations for the third, and 4 vibrations for the last 15 minutes in the hour.

Knowing the time is often essential, but checking it can send the wrong signal. You’re telling the person right in front of you that you need, or want, to be somewhere else.

In business, maintaining the attention and trust of colleagues is essential. Prompt is an extremely versatile timepiece, whether you’re checking time by holding it in your hand or in your pocket, or worn traditionally on your wrist.

In a casual environment, Prompt allows you to be both present and mindful of others, which can make or break a special moment. Its unique, minimal, and unconventional design can also be a conversation starter. Who isn’t a little curious about something novel?

Say you have a meeting that ends at 9:30:

If you want to know the precise time, you can always glance at the LEDs that run the circumference of the timepiece. This is activated by pressing on the lens for more than three seconds. 

Visual time check example: 11 minutes after the hour

Although analog and digital timepieces provide a real value, their basic function has remained unchanged for many years. They are all in some way floating in the sea of sameness. And for the visually impaired, timepieces are able to communicate time accurately, but are difficult to use for the masses.

In more recent history, smart devices have taken over. Cell phones started inhabiting our pockets, then began migrating to our wrists in the form of smart watches. We are constantly connected and they are competing for our valuable attention. They tap our wrist with urgent phone calls or breaking news alerts, and congratulate us on achieving our step goals. We are more distracted than ever.

Let’s face it: Present day, people simply aren’t present, and we thought it was time for a reset.

So we set out to create the antidote to that affliction. To create a simple way to privately check the time yet keep you punctual. We call our timepiece “Prompt.” 

Completely Offline

Prompt is not a smart watch or smart device. It has no display or screen. It is self-contained and ultra simple; it’s not connected to anything else through WiFi, Bluetooth, or NFC.

As a conversation piece, Prompt also emphasizes the importance of being present, both physically and mentally. 

“Glancing at a watch is micro-aggression and micro-violence.” – Ben B.

“Prompt is using technology as a gentle reminder.” – Katie V.

“Knowing where you’re at within the hour gives you time to plan your exit.” – John B.

“Sleek design. Both casual and formal.” – Kris K.

“As a pastor I need to keep appointments timely and not look as if I have somewhere better to be. Prompt would allow this.” – Fr. Allen

“It looks quite innovative; unlike what I’ve seen before.” – Paul K.

“I like the unobtrusive nature of the device. It’s functional but not distracting.” – Shaun L.

 Watch bands (not included)

We know that many watches come with a strap or band. We also know that people value personalization and individuality. Instead of prescribing a band style to our backers, we thought we would focus on the timepiece itself to deliver the best solution possible, and leave the bands to the pros.

The Prompt watch band housing accepts most standard 22mm bands and straps. 

Alex Wellen – Prompt CoFounder

25 years of business, technology, product, operations, and strategy experience building and marketing world-class consumer brands. Alex is the named inventor on more than a dozen patents ranging from timepieces and sporting equipment to medical devices and new media.

Dave Prince – Prompt CoFounder, GM, and Industrial Designer

13 years of industrial design and design strategy experience ranging from hand tools, jewelry, and medical devices, to air purification, furniture, and healthcare carts. Dave is listed on nearly 30 patents.

Caleb Vainikka – Principal Mechanical Engineer, product design consultant, and resident prototyping and 3Dprinting expert.

9 years of mechanical engineering and product development experience in industrial monitoring, consumer electronics, and medical device space. Caleb is also a named inventor on several medical device patents.

Nick Hazzard – Senior Electrical Engineer responsible for electrical circuit design and firmware development.

Over 10 years of experience designing and developing products with technologies ranging from battery power systems, motor control, and high power distribution in the IT and healthcare space.

Matthew Brue – Owner and Creative Director at Capture Film Co.

Prototyping: Prototype Solutions Group – Menomonie, WI

Filming and Editing: Capture Film Co. – Minneapolis, MN

Lifestyle photography: Dave Prince and Taylor Hall O’Brien – Saint Paul, MN

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