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How to Look After a Classic Car

Taking care of a classic car is simply not the same as taking care of a brand new car or some newer model. Old and classic cars simply need more love and care in order to stay preserved and to keep that vintage look, due to their age and the condition of different components. Sometimes, you simply need to put in more effort in order to look after your classic car and prevent any corrosion of the original parts, but every classic car owner knows how enjoyable it is to own one and keep it in order. So, let’s see how to properly take care of your classic car. 

Take it for Regular Checkups

As a car collector or simply a lover of classic cars, you probably know a lot about mechanics and perform your own maintenance. However, even though you’re skilful and keep it in good shape, you should still take your car to a qualified mechanic that you trust. This way you will manage to prevent any issues and problems that could occur down the road as a consequence of you overlooking some simple adjustments or repairs. Plus, if you have your trusty mechanic, they will always know where to find spare parts and find you a better price. 

Keep up the Waxing and Cleaning

Waxing and cleaning your classic car frequently is a major must. You should give it a good hand-wash from time to time. This will keep your car from any grime, salt and other impurities that can cause permanent damage to your car’s exterior. After cleaning it gently and washing it, you should always apply a coat of wax in order to preserve that shine. This should be done every 6 months or so. What is more, by regularly taking care of the exterior of your car, you will manage to expect it thoroughly and see if there are any dents in your car that need to be repaired. After you’ve taken care of the exterior, you should never forget about the interior maintenance, such as vacuuming, protecting any leather seats, and keeping it dust and grime free. 

Don’t Forget to Change the Oil

Changing the motor oils is one of the most important maintenance activities you need to do in your classic car. Also, you have to make sure that the engine is “healthy” and that both it and any filtration is in great condition, and that will add life to your engine and car. What is more, specialist oils are recommended for older models, especially those oils that are controlled and designed by most car manufacturers. Also, when changing oil make sure to change the filter too, and don’t get discounted varieties, because investing in these parts will pay off in the long run and won’t cause any issues. 

Check the Brakes 

Having a beautiful classic car with a loud engine, you know that it will attract attention. However, you don’t want another loud sound to come out of your car – the brakes squealing. In order to avoid that, you should make sure to keep the brakes in mint condition and pump them when you feel they need to be pumped. Also, besides avoiding the loud unpleasant noise, you should do this for safety.

Take it for Rides

Cars are made for driving and no car likes being still and unused for long periods of time. As a collector, you might be afraid of taking your classic car out of the garage, but it’s essential for you to take it for a ride regularly. These rides are important for keeping the engine running properly and to ensure there is no corrosion happening or any clogs due to the car not being used. On the plus side, you will get to enjoy your car in the streets and even meet other collectors and exchange some tips.  

Having a classic car is a joyful thing and you should be proud of it. It is a big investment and that is why you should make sure to maintain it properly in order to keep its value and good looks. So, don’t forget to have regular checkups and drive it around, as well as clean it. And most certainly, keep it covered when you park it in order to prevent any dirt, grimes and debris away from the car and its shiny exteriors. 

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