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Looking for a new Desktop Computer, Why not build your own.

Building your own computer can not only save you money over buying a pre-built system, but you can also customize it to exactly what you want.

Now you might think that building a computer is something you can’t tackle, but with a little knowledge and a few dollars you can get just what you want.

When building a computer, you need to decide what you want to do with the computer. In this article we will be building a basic desktop computer. It will be good for basic internet usage, word processing and some gaming.

You can either start with picking out your computer case and finding a motherboard that fits in it, or as we are going to do, we will pick a motherboard, and then look for a case that will fit it.

For a computer like this one, you can choose from either a AMD or Intel compatible motherboard. We will be using AMD for this build as that’s what my preference is.

If you check out you can find multiple AMD Compatable boards.

We are going to pick the ASUS UF B450M-PLUS GAMING AM4 AMD B450 SATA 6Gb/s Micro ATX AMD Motherboard as it will work well for your standard Internet/ Word Processing/Video Watching/Light Gaming. It accepts AMD Ryzen processors and has built in Audio/Video Processing. The price for this motherboard as of this article is $89.99 This mean’s you can plug in your computer speakers, and your monitor or HDTV directly into your motherboard without having to purchase any other equipment.

We are choosing this Motherboard as it is under $100, has a VGA output that connects to your standard computer monitor, HDMI Output for connecting to a gaming monitor or an HDTV, USB 3.1 and USB C connections for fast data transfer from portable hard drives or thumb drives.

One thing you will notice, is that there is no built in Wi-Fi. There is a LAN port that you can connect your Ethernet cable to. If you prefer Wi-Fi, we will add a Wi-Fi adapter in at the end.

One nice thing about using Newegg, is that you can see what other people who bought this motherboard also bought. It can give you an idea of what you might want to get with your system.

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