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Telltale Signs You Need a Car Detail

Keeping your car clean is one of the most important things you can do to keep it running for a long time and to avoid depreciation. Sometimes you may neglect your car for too long, and it might need to see a professional. Discover some of the telltale signs you need a car detail here.  

Cloudy Paint

An easy sign that you need a car detail is if the paint is starting to look cloudy. This happens when you don’t regularly wash your car. However, this is nothing paint correction or ceramic coating can’t fix. The latter will make your car look better, and it also offers protection from the elements.

Cosmetic Damage 

Cosmetic damage is another noticeable sign that you may need a detail. This can be anything from a scratch or dent to a ding in your door. The good news is a car detail can take care of these exterior blemishes.  

A Filthy Windshield

Visibility is incredibly important while you’re driving, but if your windshield is littered with smudges, this could compromise your ability to see. A glass cleaner and microfiber towel can usually take care of the issue.  

Cracked Leather Seats

Neglecting leather seats can result in cracking because they can dry out over time. A detail can take care of this by making your leather look clean and smooth once again.  

Stained Seats

Your car may also have some stains on the seats or even on the floor. You can avoid most stains if you remove the source quickly, but others can be a bit more stubborn. A professional can take care of the issue when you get a detail.  

Wheel Damage 

Another sign you need a car detail is when your wheels are damaged due to brake dust, which can quickly remove the coating. To improve the appearance of your rims, get some work done by a detailing professional.  

Strong Odors 

A final sign you need a car detail is if you start to smell distinctive odors. Nobody wants to drive around in a stinky car, but some odors are stronger than others. Detailing can eliminate these strong odors once and for all.

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