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The Five Best Tires for Drifting Your Car

When optimizing your car for drifting, you must consider the drifting tires you’ll be putting on your vehicle. When considering the right tires, it’s important to consider the specific conditions you’ll be traversing. For instance, tires that can work great for areas down in Raleigh, NC, during summertime may be different from tires you’d use in Chicago, IL, during winter. If you’re unsure of which tire is right for you, this guide to the five best tires for drifting your car will lead you in the right direction. 

Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R

These tires may be the most impressive tires on this list. They offer versatility in driving conditions, whether the roads are hot, dry, or wet. They’re even great for use on everyday streets as well, without compromising any of its attributes. The traction, grip, and control are all perfectly tuned to grant you safe drifting capabilities over an eclectic mix of surfaces.

Falken Azenis RT-615K+

These tires are perfectly outfitted to handle drifting in hot and dry conditions. However, they will also work effectively over wet surfaces. Either way, these tires will grant you total control over your vehicle through intense driving and turning to ensure top performance. These are the best drifting tires for extreme driving conditions.

Toyo Proxes R1R

What’s interesting about the Proxes R1R tires is that they aren’t made for drifting, but they are still great for the job. They retain incredible stability, grip, and traction when driving at high speeds. They are best used for drifting in hot climates. In fact, using these tires in extreme cold can cause severe damage to them. 

Kumho Ecsta PS31

These tires provide drivers with excellent grip and traction on the road. They also retain control when driving over wet surfaces, effectively combating hydroplaning. Even better, it does this without producing loud noise levels during high-speed driving. You get the attributes necessary for drifting with the added benefit of minimized noise during the drive.

Goodyear Eagle FI Asymmetric 2

These tires are known for their great responsiveness and overall control. The Asymmetric 2 tires are built for maximum traction and grip to help the driver guide their drift. Even the braking system is optimized to stop over dry and wet surfaces. These tires feature some of the best stopping power capabilities on this list.

Now that you have a better understanding of the five best tires for drifting your car, you can properly get your vehicle ready to rumble. Additionally, the great news is that you won’t have to jump through many hoops to get your hands on these tires. Even if you’re down in Raleigh, NC, you can still get access to drift tires at a local tire shop to effectively outfit your vehicle for such conditions.

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