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How to Decide on a Perfect GPS Tracker for Your Car

Being a good driver demands you to be a good navigator. However, sometimes you inevitably lose track of your destination and don’t even find anyone to tell you where you are or what’s the way out!

Thinking of losing your way in the wilderness or in a deserted area is much more traumatic than romantic, unlike how it may sound in poetry. Moreover, if you are not that good in navigation, you would just burn the valuable fuel of your car unnecessarily roaming around for hours, even at a known place.

Nowadays, the easiest solution for all these problems and more are GPS trackers that make your driving experience a lot more relaxing than it ever has been before. In fact, they are easily available, and you can simply buy them from places that sell auto parts.

Here are the reasons why you must consider buying a GPS tracker for your car:

1. Security

It gives you access to monitor your car wherever it goes. That means you can tell its exact location even if it gets stolen. Some of these devices with advanced features can also inform you about the nearest police station in case of an emergency situation. 

2. Mobility

It shows you the shortest and the most practical route to your destination, which lets you make the best out of your car-fuel. This way, it saves you valuable time as well.

3. Environment Friendly

As you take the shortest route, it eventually lowers your carbon footprint.
Moreover, it saves trees by saving the usage of papers and giving automated reports instead.

4. Better Communication
With a GPS tracking system in your car, you can tell how much time it may take you to reach your destination. So, if you are going to a meeting or such, you can inform them more precisely about when they can expect you to arrive or if you will be late.

5. Improves Business

Especially if you are in the delivery business, these GPS trackers are the utmost blessing for you.

-It lets you monitor your personnel and reduce their idle time, which ensures more productivity.

-Your GPS tracker allows you to know the arrival and departure time of your delivery car; so, there is no need to wait for a call to get confirmation.

-It gets you good reviews and satisfied clients since your delivery man is less likely to lose his way and get late.

But, not all GPS trackers come with the same features and convenience. Therefore, while buying a GPS tracker for your car, here are some important aspects you need to look out for:

1. What Type Of Tracking System Is It?

There are different types of GPS trackers available in the market. However, they can be classified into four major types:

1. The car navigation GPS system
2. The marine GPS system
3. The portable outdoors GPS unit
4. The PDA/GPS hybrid.

Amongst them, the car GPS navigation system seems to be the most convenient one to figure out your exact location, especially when you don’t have a map with you.

2. Is It A Real-Time Tracker?

There are two types of trackers – passive GPS trackers and real-time GPS trackers. A real-time tracker is always recommended for your car to eliminate the chance of data loss. It also has many other benefits, such as:

Handling an Emergency Situation

A Real-time tracker allows you to identify the location of your car anytime you need; you can easily know its current status making an emergency situation much more manageable.


Many people may assume the Real-time GPS tracker would be a lot costlier than the Passive ones. In reality, their prices are almost the same and are now pretty affordable these days.

Notifications & Alerts

Real-time alerts and notifications are two essential safety devices that allow you to track your vehicle 24/7; they are possibly only found in real-time GPS trackers.

Fuel monitoring feature

With this feature, you can always keep a check on your vehicle’s fuel consumption, even when you are not around.

3. Does It Contain Voice Instructions?

Voice instructions let you drive with more ease and concentration, which makes it much handy when you are driving alone. So make sure you have it in your GPS vehicle tracking system since some of them only come with visual location maps.

4. What About the Speed Limit Monitor?

This feature helps you maintain proper speed and to avoid getting in trouble with the police. Therefore, ensure your GPS tracking system has this speed limit monitor embodied in its system to keep your driving experiences relaxed and safe.

5. Is It User Friendly?

Make sure the GPS vehicle tracker you are buying is easy for you to use and understand, so you don’t mess up while operating it. If you are not a techno-geek, purchasing a critical device will only increase your trouble rather than easing it.

6. Are They Asking for a Monthly Charge?

Unless you are using any advanced feature, there should be no monthly service charge for your GPS vehicle tracking system. The regular service

for your tracker should be free of cost which will come along with your


However, if you wish to access some of those extra features, watch out for companies to offer them at reasonable prices.

Some More Interesting Features

Engine Cut 

With this advanced feature, you can turn your vehicle’s engine off through an app from your cell phone device.

SOS feature

SOS feature allows you to send an alert to the nearest police station immediately just by pressing a button in case of an emergency situation.

Finally, Quality Comes First

Make sure you are not compromising the quality of your GPS vehicle tracker just to save a bit of money. Go for the best brand possible. Your tracker is going to play a vital role in ensuring the security of you and your vehicle. So, when you invest in one, invest wisely.

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