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Overland Trip Planning During Lockdown

Like millions of others across the country, you’re following shelter-in-place orders to help lessen the spread of COVID-19. Cabin fever is definitely a thing, and everyone’s feeling the pain right now. As you’ve probably discovered, however, there are a lot of things you can get done even while socially distancing. The upside is that you now have plenty of time to equip your 4×4 and plan for your next road trip or backcountry excursion. Read on for advice about supplies, recovery tools, accessories, all terrain rims and more.

Basic Supplies

If you’ve traveled overland before, you know the critical importance of repair tools and a recovery kit. But maybe it’s time to check over these essentials for needed upgrades and replacements. Maybe you lost some gear out in the field due to a mishap, or you loaned something to a buddy and you’re still waiting for its return. Nevertheless, here’s a quick review of what your supply kit should contain:

  • Wrenches, ratchets, sockets and Allen keys
  • Screwdrivers, pliers, wire cutters and hacksaws
  • Jumper cables and a multimeter

Extras like a hammer, flat file and telescoping magnet can come in handy for off-road repairs. Don’t forget other essentials like work gloves, a fuel can, an air compressor and a fire extinguisher.

Winches and Recovery Kits

Perhaps it’s also time to evaluate your recovery tools and winch components. Make sure your cables and motor cable connections are clean and inspect for obvious signs of damage. It’s also a good idea to power up your winch every couple of months to keep it lubricated and eliminate any internal moisture. Don’t forget to confirm that your battery has plenty of power and replace it if it’s close to the end of its recommended life cycle.

Comfort and Safety Essentials

You’ve encountered weather extremes while off-roading, so you don’t need to be told about the importance of gearing up. However, a little reminder doesn’t hurt. If you haven’t checked over your equipment in a while, sheltering in place offers the perfect opportunity to do so. Make sure that essentials such as your off road awning, all-terrain tires and rims, exterior LED lighting, rollbars and the like are free of significant functional and cosmetic issues. Test your GPS unit and two-way radio to ensure they’re still in good working order as well.

Basic Camping Equipment

While you’re at it, don’t overlook your typical camping and communication equipment. Has your cooler seen better days? Are you missing a serving spoon or two, or is your camp stove on its last legs? Now’s a good time to buy replacements, especially with retailers offering major savings during lockdown. If you don’t already have a sturdy Jeep roof top tent, consider investing in one now. Newer models like the Smittybilt Gen2 Overland Tent feature heavy-duty waterproof exteriors, mosquito nets, telescoping ladders and LED lighting strips.

Prepped for Any Adventure

Hopefully, this guide helped you take stock of your current overland trip equipment and supplies and figure out what you need. When it’s time to go shopping, choose a reliable and reputable retailer that offers parts, accessories and camping essentials. For extra convenience, find a supplier with both shipping and in-store pickup options.

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