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How to Extend the Longevity of Heavy Machinery

Industrial organizations rely on heavy machinery more than any other industry because of the heavy-duty materials workers frequently handle. Because heavy machinery is so important for industrial companies, they recognize that their equipment is an investment towards their business. That said, when you make an investment, it’s only natural to protect that investment. To protect your equipment and get the highest return on your investment, focus on maintenance that leads to longevity. If you’d like to learn how to extend the longevity of heavy machinery, check out our tips below. 

Train your workers

You probably didn’t anticipate training would lead to a longer lifespan for your machinery, but it’s true. Regardless of how good your company and work culture are, you’ll experience turnover. When new employees join your team, it’s important that you take the time to properly train them on both operating and maintaining the machines. Without proper training, workers may think they know how to maintain and operate the machine, and ultimately cause further damage due to their negligence. 

Look for wear and tear

Even if you’re using best practices and keeping a perfect maintenance schedule, wear and tear are unavoidable. That said, during a maintenance check, you should look for common causes of breakdowns, such as poor operation and lubrication. By looking for common wear and tear, you can reduce the frequency of breakdowns, prevent unexpected downtime, and increase your revenue. 

Frequently check the lubricant

Lubricants are among the most important factors in any machine for numerous reasons. First, lubricants reduce abrasion around any moving parts, which is vital to extending your machine’s lifespan. Additionally, you should ensure you’re using quality base oils that are recommended by your machine’s manufacturer. Finally, while you’re checking lubricants, look for any buildup, as that can signal you’re using too much lubricant—this excess lubricant can, ultimately, reduce your machine’s performance. 

Record all maintenance

Along with regular maintenance checks, workers should record any maintenance they perform on the machine in detail. By documenting everything, you can see who performed the maintenance, what exactly they did, and why they did it. Having a record will allow you to look back and see if preventative measures you’ve put in place reduce your overall maintenance and downtime. 

Ultimately, learning how to extend the longevity of heavy machinery will make your company much more profitable. Through proper machine maintenance, your company will have reliable machinery, have adequate workers, reduce downtime, and meet deadlines.

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