Hands on with Kenu Airframe Magnetic Premium Magnetic Vent Mount


There are a thousand magnetic vent mounts out there on the web and in the malls. They all tout the same lines. Super magnetic, premium feel, superior design. There is very little difference between them.

Kenu like many others offers a list of magnetic holders but when you go to their website (found here) you don’t see big flashy crazy claims, You see a simple site with products talking about what it does.

Its does what it does very well. The Airframe is a simple vent mount. Nothing flashy. No silly gimmicks.

This is what I can tell you from my experience. It’s build quality is very good. The clip showed no real signs of flex or creaking when pressing in the buttons to open the vent clip side. The pressure on the clip is amazing. Inside the clips prongs was a grippy rubber lining.  Once attached to the vents it took a fair amount of pull to pop it off. The magnet is fantastic. I put the provided metal plate on my Samsung s10. To test the power of the magnet I stuck the clip to the phone and threw it at my couch a few times to see it the clip would come away from the phones, it did not. I even dropped it on the floor once just to see. Stayed together. I am sure if I tried that test few more time it would have. But I like my phone lol

Testing in the car was positive as well. Pulling it on snapped right in place. Pulling it off has a fair amount of resistance so be careful to have a solid grip of the phone so you don’t half pull and drop it. I took my car for a few trips down some pretty rough roads. Some rough gravel, construction and just bad side streets. Only thing I did not try is OFF-ROAD, because civics are not built for that 😊.

There is a pivot ball on the head that allowed for adjusting the direction. The pivot was not loose and kept a hold of the direction regardless of road condition. In case you were wondering it works through most cases.

Likes: Strong vent clip, Strong magnet and premium build quality

Dislikes: need more plates for other devices. Add $5 to retail and add 2 more plates.

Overall super pleasant experience. I will be getting these in the future.  Available for $24.99

Nate Ayers
the authorNate Ayers
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