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Today we have 2 items to go over from a Home-grown Canadian company called TotinIt. They make a “modular & wearable carry-all sling for people on the move”

I have 2 items that I have been using for about 2 weeks now. There is some good and some things I would see different.

First up:

TotinIt passport edition

US MSRP $39.99 / CAN SRP $59.99

As a traveller, hiker, shaker and a mover this first product might be for you. It’s like being batman while on the go. In fact, it might even be something he would use when doing a quick day trip to justice league tower 😊.  It is a travel utility belt that goes across the chest. A new age cooler, less bulky fanny pack.

Someone might say. WHY??? Well thats simple, your clothes don’t have unlimited storage and might not want or cannot wear a big bulky backpack. Something like this allows you to expand your storage without the bulkiness of a backpack/satchel.  Example: You’re on a trip to Thailand.  You are going out and about all day seeing the sites. You have your camera strapped around your neck but you need somewhere to put your Memory cards, Wallet, Passport (never travel around with out passport in a foreign country) but it is super-hot outside and all you are wearing is t-shirt and shorts. This is where the TotinIt comes in. Allowing to strap all those items safely to your chest. Maybe you’re just taking a hike in the mountains of British Columbia and don’t want to weigh down your pants/shorts. Toss your phone and wallet and off you go into the bush.

The totinit come with 3 modules to use on the belt. Passport, Wallet/other and cellphone. you can arrange these however you want. It is simple to add and remove them due to the wrap around Velcro. Phone module was able to hold my fairly large Samsung a70 (almost 7-inch display)

This product is for a specific type of user.

Likes: Very durable material. Easy adjustable strap. Good amount of storage.

Dislikes: Not designed for larger humans. I am a big boy and though it did fit it was not very comfortable. Lucky for you I know smaller humans. They said it was comfy and then they would not give it back.

Overall strong travel friendly product. If you’re an outdoor person, traveller, or just want something to ware for quick trips around the town this will work well for you.

The bag also has a cellphone module on the front that is secured with Velcro and metal round snaps.

Phone module was able to hold my fairly large Samsung a70 (almost 7 inch display)

Second up

This is the TotinIt Trifecta.

US MSRP $59.99 / CAN SRP $79.99

More traditional style sling bag the trifecta has a small footprint. But don’t let its small size take away from its storage. Sure, you’re not tossing in your MacBook and lunch, but this is not for that.

On the front there is a phone module secured with Velcro and metal snaps. Phone module was able to hold my fairly large Samsung a70 (almost 7-inch display) in a case. Also very comfy shoulder pad

As I said storage was impressive for this small bag. I could carry Wallet, 8.4-inch tablet, Cellphone, Small note pad, a could snacks and a bottle or water. Not bad for “totin” around a trade show. The bag has a main zippered pocket for your storage. A front sleeve (tablet area for me) with a claps strap to the top 2 side pocket (water) front zipper pocket (wallet).

Adjustable strap it easy enough to adjust but you can move it from a left side to right side bag in a slip of a clip

RFID pocket with locking zippers stores your wallet, passport and credit cards. Be secure knowing your valuables are safe from digital theft

Likes: Solid durable material, great storage to size ratio. easy to adjust looks good.

Dislikes: Like the passport edition still hard for larger people but looks and fits great on normal size.

If you don’t carry much, need something light weight and nice looking.  Good buy.

To pick up your own go click here

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