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Ways to Become a More Confident Driver


For some people, driving is second nature. For others, driving is scary and anxiety-inducing. Becoming confident behind the wheel can take a lot of time and practice. Here are three tips to help you reduce your anxiety about driving to become confident in any situation behind the wheel.   


One of the best ways to become a more confident driver is to practice. Just like any other task you take on, practicing will give you new skills and newfound confidence in yourself. When practicing, break out of your comfort zone and try scenarios that may make you nervous. Practice driving on new terrains like highways and backroads. Don’t just stop there—try driving new routes to be comfortable with taking unknown roads, even if you are going to a location you have been before. Lastly, try to practice in all types of weather. Rainy or snowy weather can often make drivers shy away from the road. Practice during these times to feel confident in case you ever get stuck in poor weather conditions.

Know Your Car’s Mechanics  

Understanding your car can give you a massive boost in confidence when driving. Familiarize yourself with all the controls within your car, the size of your car, your spare tire location, and basic mechanical knowledge. This will help you feel comfortable with interior controls, navigate tight spaces, and better understand the mechanical issues you may be facing if you are handling a roadside emergency.   

Use Driving Aids  

Some newer cars come equipped with driving aids such as rear-view cameras, GPS integration, and blind-spot monitoring. If your car is equipped with this technology, do not be afraid to utilize it. However, do not become overly dependent on any driving aids and always use them as an additional, supplemental resource.   

There are many ways to become a more confident driver. The more you practice driving in all types of conditions and circumstances and getting an understanding of your car and its driving aids, the better off you will be. 

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