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Most Common Data Center Mistakes


A data center is vital to an industry with so much reliance on technology. An IT team is responsible for ensuring that a data center is fully functioning, especially because of how prone it can be to threats and damages. Find out what some of the most common data center mistakes are and how you can fix them. 

Not Taking Advantage of the Cloud

Cloud technology is transforming many industries, including data centers. The cloud gives data centers more flexibility when it comes to storage. Underutilizing the cloud is one of the most common data center mistakes. 

Poor Airflow

Airflow is another component of the data center that needs proper attention. A data center is often cool because, without it, the machines can easily overheat. Having hot and cold aisles in a data center can improve its overall performance by permitting quality airflow. Proper design and layout are also crucial to the overall airflow within a data center. 

Improper Cabling

Cabling interconnects the components of a data center, but it can also be a source of danger if it isn’t set up properly. Cabling requires your attention to avoid any downtime or harm. For instance, you may have poor cabling between the server and the UPS. Poor cabling can overheat and cause system failure, so make sure you select the right cable type for maximum performance. 

No Remote Access

Given the current circumstances, remote access has never been more important. Having poor remote access or none can make it impossible to operate a data center. Ensure that your data center runs smoothly with strong connectivity for remote access. 

Not Keeping Up With Maintenance

An IT department must also do their best to ensure that servers are in good shape by keeping up with maintenance. Making sure servers are backed up, dated, constantly monitored, and more allow data centers to avoid downtime. 

A data center can be damaged in several ways, but being aware of the common mistakes and how to resolve them can reduce the errors that may occur.

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