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100% Handcrafted Plasticine Multiplayer Survival Game Disdoored Now Available on Steam

MOSCOW, RUSSIA (MAY 31, 2018) – Legend spoke of this day with excitement and awe. The Doors have been opened, and the plasticine people are in mortal danger. It’s up to one kneadable knight, a wobbly warrior, a squishy savior, a plasticine protector, a mushy man or woman of the land — to save malleable-kind. That someputty is you. Developer Anton Riot and publisher Bitbox Ltd. — creators of Life is Feudal — invite you on an adventure, the likes of which you’ve never seen, with an entirely handmade and hand-animated game crafted from over 20 lbs of plasticine: Disdoored.

Farm, fight, survive and explore the wacky pliable world of Disdooredavailable on Steam through Early Access today for Windows PC! 

Unlock the Secret of the Doors: Mysterious Doors have riddled your peaceful land, bringing with them vicious monsters bent on smooshing the happy inhabitants that live there. A discovery in an ancient laboratory brings one final spark of light: Lily — a young, ravenous sapling that holds within her the key to defeating the oppressive Doors. Befriend and grow Lily by catering to her every whim to entice her to provide you with a super-powered weapon to take back the land and declare it completely Disdoored!

Fight Your Way through This Claymation Creation: To survive this wobbly wonderland, players must establish a base, cultivate farmland, create defenses and amass an arsenal. Terrible beasts that are both hungry and highly-territorial pose a constant threat, but some can be domesticated and upgraded to create entirely new species. Who said giant snails cannot be milked? Brave the ever-changing and challenging world of Disdoored alone – or face it together, in up to four-person cooperative multiplayer. 

Key Features:

  • Completely Handmade and Hand-Animated: Enter a wild and weird procedurally-generated world that is 100%  plasticine. Each character, creature, weapon, tree, snail, giant mushroom — everything — was molded by the developers and animated using stop-motion techniques with over 20,000 photos taken in the process!
  • Farm Yourself: Will you become a peaceful farmer? Plant a plasticine plot and watch your farm come to life as you care for it, but watch out; even the most cautious farmer could accidentally grow a vicious, man-eating pumpkin!

  • Or Arm Yourself: Become an adventurous explorer who takes the world by force. With an extensive variety of weaponry to find including bombs, grenades, swords and guns (including the Legendary Popcorn Gun or “TLPG” for short) the choice is yours to discover!
  • That Snail is…Lactating! Find clay creatures to defend you against the dangers of the wild or produce goods to help you on your journey. Upgrade their aggression and productivity through the power of slimeballs! Create wild new species — like a snail that gives milk, because that’s just how this world goes. There are plenty of combinations to discover!

  • Explore the Doors: Discover the mysteries of the Doors. With plenty of treasure behind each one, such as ancient artifacts, long-forgotten technologies … and even certain death! Who knows what you will find?

Disdoored was created by a small team headed by Lead Developer, Anton Riot. Preferring to build rather than play games, this trained Biophysics Engineer began to develop Disdoored in an effort to take his passion project to new heights and create a unique, high-quality contribution to gaming. For more information about Disdoored, please visit: http://disdoored.com.

View the Disdoored Announcement Trailer here:

[YouTube] https://uberstrategist.link/Disdoored-TrailerYT
[Download] https://uberstrategist.link/Disdoored-TrailerDL

Disdoored is available now for purchase on Windows PC via Steam Early Access for $19.99 at https://store.steampowered.com/app/845630/Disdoored

A full press kit with screenshots, trailer, art and logos is available here: uberstrategist.link/Disdoored-PressKit

About Bitbox Ltd.

Bitbox is an independent studio, developer and publisher of PC games. Founded in 2011 by Vladimir ‘Bobik’ Piskunov, the studio’s most notable achievement is the release of the successful multiplayer online RPG project: Life is Feudal: Your Own.

The team is a family of avid and passionate gamers from all corners of the industry and beyond, allowing them to deliver a product, driven by what the community wants to play. This also gives Bitbox the knowledge to professionally distinguish potentially successful games and thus act as a publisher for other developers. Bitbox is always on the lookout for promising indie original and/or sandbox games to publish on Steam, leveraging their expertise and resources to aid with the development and make games a success!

About Anton Riot

Anton Riot began his career in gaming at a young age, first building tabletop games to play with his friends, then moving on to simple text-based adventures programed in Basic. Towards the end of high school, his masterful skills found him making banners and short movies in Macromedia Flash MX. Although he pursued an education from the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute), his love for game creation continued to grow,  and lead him to move to the outskirts of Moscow and form a small game studio. 

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