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Tail it Announces Kickstarter Campaign: Four New Affordable GPS Trackers That Keep an Eye on Prized Possessions

TRONDHEIM, NorwayJune 21, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Tail it recently announced its new Kickstarter campaign, offering four small, modestly priced GPS trackers that can be applied to almost any item which might be lost or stolen. With global range, Tail it’s new GPS trackers can give the location of any affixed object within seconds. Using a smartphone and the related app, losing important possessions has become a thing of the past. Visit the Kickstarter at: 

Tail it offers a general line of trackers that can be attached to a variety of personal belongings, then tracked with the proprietary smartphone app. GPS global coverage with accurate positioning is distributed using a mobile network via a SIM card placed in the device. Depending on GPS conditions, the Tail it locators have an accurate location precision of down to five meters. Tail it’s unique, revolutionary battery capacity of up to three weeks for the general and pet locators, as well as eight weeks for the Tail it+ and bike locators have made the technology possible. And unlike other Kickstarter projects, these specific products have already been manufactured and tested in the market. They are ready to go.

“After our initial launch of watches, we received a surprising number of requests from craftsmen and companies that have equipment they wish to track. In the past, this was an expensive undertaking — GPS trackers weren’t really affordable for the average user. All of that has now changed. In 2018, it’s totally unnecessary to lose anything, when you can Tail it,” said Morten Sæthre, CEO and Founder of Tail it Technologies.

Tail it continues to develop their new tracking firmware and application, which were originally developed so that customers with GPS watches could keep track of their children via smartphone. The GPS watches and the related app potentially allows for one smartphone to keep track of an entire family. With the newer, more affordable GPS units, customers can now also track their most valuable belongings.

About Tail it
In 2016, Tail it became one of the largest distributors of GPS watches for kids in Europe. In 2017, Tail it developed new firmware based on significant changes in location and cellular networks, which simultaneously prolonged the battery time on their products while making those products much smaller. The research and development of Tail it’s new firmware was subsequently supported by the Norwegian government research council, the same supporters of Nobel Prize-winning researchers May-Britt and Edvart Moser.

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