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unEvn ONE: the ultimate gaming desk for competitive gamers

Easily fold the desk’s legs up by pushing the release buttons on the sides. From there, you can pull up the portions into a suitcase. After you place your accessories inside the desk in their designated places, you’ll be ready to go!

Carry around the portable unit with its integrated handle. If you’re traveling a longer distance, simply attach the releasable padded carrying strap for even more convenience.

Once folded, your rig will measure only 32” x 24” x 8” and will weigh approximately only 25-30 kg *. Once folded and enclosed in the lightweight carrying bag, your entire rig will measure only 32” x 24” x 8” and will weigh approximately only 28-33kg. 

* depending on your monitor and gaming components.
* depending on your monitor and gaming components.

Once you arrive at your destination, simply open the suitcase by letting the rollers on the side roll the portions open. Release the folding legs from the release buttons and raise the folding legs open. Take your accessories from their places, plug one cord to the wall and you are ready to play!

No matter which games you play, unEvn ONE will give you the edge you yearn for. From its variable height adjust to curved front edge and integrated monitor arm, this gaming desk guarantees extended comfort during your long training sessions, intense competitions and casual gameplays.

Using its powerful 1000N push electric motors, the unEvn ONE instantly and quietly adjusts anywhere form 24″ to 32″ (60cm to 80cm). With the touch of a button, the unEvn ONE adapts to virtually any body type and with nearly any chair you choose. You’ll be able to achieve an ergonomic gaming position wherever you play!

Say goodbye to the days of crawling on the ground looking for USB ports, power buttons, or headphone jacks. We’ve integrated the I/O Panel right on the front edge of the desk for easily swapping out devices and for manual shutdowns/restarts.

Lightweight, resilient, durable and impact resistant polycarbonate sheet with a texture and matte black color optimal for mouse usage.
       We also wanted to make sure that the player has enough space to stretch out and feel comfortable during gameplay, while also respecting travel dimensions and carrying weight. Our standard desk has a gaming surface of 48”W x 31.5”D (120cm x 80cm) to give you the best of both worlds.

Comfort was one of our main concerns when designing the unEvn ONE. When spending hours in the rig, it’s important to reduce fatigue by having a comfortable gaming posture. The unEvn ONE’s curved front and smooth edges make for a prestige gaming experience and ergonomic comfort that ensures peak performance.

As gamers, we understand the need to have more than enough ports for all your perpiheral, gadgets and other USB connected devices. 

For that purpose, we’ve inlcuded 2 USB 3.1 PORTS on the front I/O panel and motherboard and graphics card connections conveniently behind the desk to easily plug in any device. Now you can keep all your devices connected and charged during practice, casual play and even tournaments.

While the unEvn ONE is perfectly happy at home, it prefers to be out in competition. We designed the ONE to meet the demands of the best gaming teams in the world.

Thanks to the Glass-Aramid (Kevlar) Hybrid Composite in the desk portions, the unEvn ONE is extremely durable and impact-resistant. The desk portions are connected with extreme quality Southco hinges used in industrial applications.

For those that are not familiar with this strong material, Aramid is used in racing cars and ballistic armors. The legs are also made from tempered aluminum (EN AW-6082 T6) and coated with an impact-resistant powder paint.

Some of the most important design considerations we made early in the process were about size, weight and rigidity. Ultimately, we decided to use durable composites for surface areas and super strong and lightweight aluminum alloys for chassis constructions. 

The end result is a machine that has exceeded our every expectation in aesthetics as well as being one of the most steady and rigid gaming surfaces in the world.

The unEvn ONE is truly the first fully-intergrated and fully-portable gaming rig in the world. See how we stack up to the nearest competing brands.

The unEvn core team: Aleksi, Santeri and Jaakko have been driving together unEvn forward for two years. In addition to the core team, unEvn has a broad network of collaborators from programming to eSports to R&D and manufacturing to make the unEvn and the product a success.

Aleksi is an esports fanatic and has always been interested in mechanics so founding unEvn with his brother Santeri came naturally. Aleksi’s background in business law has been a major asset in creating a sustainable foundation for unEvn to become a successful company. Passion for eSports as a competitive sport drove Aleksi’s studies towards sports law regarding eSports regulations. One of the unEvn’s long term goals is to be a part of making eSports legitime sport beside the conventional sports.

With a serious passion for eSports and over 15 years in the field, Santeri Rinkinen has been competing in Counter Strike since 2001. Prior to founding unEvn with his brother Aleksi, Santeri earned his degree in theoretical and mathematical physics at the University of Helsinki then began working in the computer hardware industry. His technical development and 3D modeling skills have been a cornerstone of the innovative design of the unEvn ONE and he brings his business development acumen to the table to help bring the all-in-one gaming desk to fruition.

With a long career as an entertainment leader, Jaakko has worked with film, innovation, games and most recently influencers in both large corporations and small boutique agencies and start-ups. In addition to his passion for gaming, Jaakko brings along experience in marketing, innovation processes and international business.

Risks and challenges

We have been developing the product for two years. There has been numerous prototypes and iterations along the way. Needless to say, there has been a lot of challenges we have had to overcome. We are in collaboration with a R&D company with a great track record on previous product development projects. We have a good understanding of what needs to be done for getting the product in manufacturing and shipped to customers.

We are on Kickstarter to get your approval that the product is needed. After this campaign we will execute our plan to develop the product for manufacturing in collaboration with the quality manufacturers we have been working with.

With that said, there is always the risk of unexpected bumps and turns when going into mass production. In the unlikely event that we do meet any such issues, we promise to be completely transparent with backers. There has not been, and we believe there will not be any obstacles we cannot overcome.

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