3 Tips on How to Protect Your Car from Bird Poop

They are a menace. Feathered, flying bombers of destruction. The scourge of the skies and enemy of car lovers everywhere. Their acidic droppings can turn a car finish from shiny to disgusting in minutes. Birds have long been a worthy opponent, but you can win the war against these radicals once and for all. Our guide on how to protect your car from bird poop will turn you into a brilliant tactician

Park in a Garage or Carport
If you leave your car on the street or under a tree, it’s an open invitation for attack. For city dwellers, find a parking garage near your condo or apartment to keep your car safe. Prices for garage parking in major cities can be on the high side, so take some time to shop around and find a good deal.

If you have a home with an attached garage, this is an easy solution to your bird poop problem. However, if your homestead does not include an indoor parking space, invest in a carport. This will also keep your car safe from rain, snow, and harmful UV rays that will cause damage over time. Your vehicle will thank you for it.

Wash and Wax
The enemy is crafty and unrelenting, so chances are they will make a sneak attack whenever your car is vulnerable. Don’t let bird poop stay on your car any longer than is necessary. The longer it sits, the more damage it can do to your paint’s finish. Wash the poop off your car as soon as possible, and then apply a generous coat of wax. That extra layer of protection will minimize any future damage.

Reflective Bird Deterrent
There is a new weapon on the battlefield that may just turn the tide to the good guys. Reflective bird deterrent will help keep the enemy away. Once you park, place the device on the roof of your car. The wind will turn the reflective disks, and the constant flashing this creates will scare off birds and send them on to their next target.

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